DIY Double Motor Mount for MBS Matrix I and similar Trucks

Hi guys,

i´ve created a double motor mount for MBS Matrix Style and similar mountainboard-trucks. With little adjustments on the axle channel it should also fit other trucks. Including counterbearings and belt tensioner.

Maybe it can be used here.

The .step-files for milling and Fusion360 .f3d-files you can find on Thingiverse :wink:

Have Fun! :sunglasses:



Wow they are a work of art my friend!

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Thank you for sharing

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Where did you get the wheel gears from? Did you CNC those yourself also? I have a MBS colt90 with a DIY dual mount but this thing looks so nice. I’m hoping to get a CNC in the next month or two. This will be my first time having a CNC so I’m sure there’s a learning curve. Either way that mount is amazing looking. Oh one last thing what CNC machine do you have?

Oh and another question. How do you like the HK SK8 motors? I was thinking of using those on my next build.

The wheel gears for MBS Rockstar Rims you can find here:

Until now i cannot say much about the performance of the SK8 motors - the board is stil under construction and i am on vacation at the moment :sunglasses: But the quality seems to be very fine and the power performs great (a friend already has a mtb with two of this motors :+1:)

My cnc was also a DIY-Project. You can find informations here, but it‘s a webpage in german:


Very noice and beefy!!! Make it adjustable, add some threaded holes for idler and it looks like a winner. Those pinion covers are smexy as hell

Belt lenght is adjustable with the tensioner-roll witch is mounted in a long hole :wink: image

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Man I love this mount. I wish I had a cnc I’d give it a try. On another note did you top mount your batteries or do you have an enclosure on the bottom? I’m thinking of moving my battery enclosure from the top. I currently use lipos but I’m thinking of moving over to 18650’s or 20700.

Also do you have any feedback about the motors yet? I thought I read somewhere that the motor does not come with the keyway for the motor shaft. Is that correct?

The SK8 motors comes with a keyway.

The board is ready. Today i did the first testride. Everything works very fine :wink: Asphalt with 17% gradient - no problem - easy to drive relaxed. Off-road - up to the limit of grip of the tires. Performance at any time in excess :sunglasses: Sooo much fun :heart_eyes: IMG_6771IMG_6772IMG_6781IMG_6770


Loving this. I work above a cnc shop and was about to spend $300+ getting a set shipped from the UK. What matrix truck’s specifically are you rocking my new friend?

Hi, i use the Matrix I Trucks. But with small modifications on the CAD-Files the mount should fit many other trucks. I think Trampa-Trucks are quite similar in the mounting-area of the motor-mount. Maybe it fits, but i cannot test it.

Hi “Snake”,

I have askes a company to make the MM`s for me - They tolde me “that will cost 600€” - Do you have a company which makes me a “normal” price ?

THX Frank

Try a Chinese prototyping service (e.g. Gel Rapid or Nice Rapid). I got a few esk8 and also work related parts from both services. Price are made quite random, so are the shipping fees. Get a few quotes and select what suits you best.