DIY Drill Mill For Filing Truck Hangers

So this is still in the concept phase. I’m printing out the first blocks today and will assemble/try this over the weekend. Just curious if there’s a genuine need for this or if it’s a rarity.

It takes 2 standard bearing and allows you to file down your hangers concentric to the axle. This may not be needed by all but with Caliper trucks I’m just not getting the overall clearance I’d like and if using bolt and nut you must file down the ends anyways so figured I’d try it first. It’s intended to be used with a piece of 6X2 (at least 12.75 inches long) but you could bolt it to anything. Pre-drilled holes are for #10 wood screws plus a flat washer on the top to hold it in place.


Good idea, I’ve seen it done before with a drill press so this should work if the truck is extremely straight.

Even s little wobble is fine

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If I had a drill press I wouldnt have bothered with this but unfortunately closest thing a got is a just a drill.

Find a way to counterweight the other side of the truck.

Haven’t really figured that out yet. I’m gonna clamp the wood to the desk and see if the vibrations are really that bad, may just deal with it since I’m only doing it once.

Suggestion: Add skate bearings to the fixture

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They’re already incorporated. There’s a cut out for them on the inside faces of the A blocks.

See if a motor mount will work.

For the counterweight? That just may work. Don’t know if there’s enough clearance with this set up. May need to put in two spacer blocks underneath the A blocks.

That’s good but have a look at this press it may be of some use to you


$70?? For some reason I had the idea that drill presses were thousands of dollars.

I envy your US Dollar. I’m located near Toronto Canada. This is the closest equivalent which is also the cheapest one you can get. Converted its just shy of DOUBLE your $70 USD. Even though $70USD to CAD is $90.

Hence 3D Printer.

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It most be the LASER :sunglasses:

I made the mistake of buying a 70 dollar press. May aswell use a hand drill lol

Yea I probably won’t pick up a cheapo one, but I was just surprised they’re a lot cheaper than I imagined :slight_smile:

Yea give yourself a budget of 200-300 you’ll find a quality press.

Honestly I don’t much machining nowadays so it becomes less and less useful to me

@Kaly - i have the 10in version of this - works great! I got it on sale for a little over $120 vs retail 200. Nothing amazing, but seems well made and has worked great for everything i’ve needed. Laser is handy but nothing micron accurate. The extra light in the back is surprisingly handy - but i’d add LED’s to one that didn’t have light already - brighter and all around the drill head.

OP - great idea and i’ll give it a shot the next time i need to turn a hanger! Pretty ingenious.

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something like this could just as easily be used to chop them for insert pulleys. I’m getting the popcorn started now.

That’s a good point. Would work well to keep the cut even and face square relative to the axis of rotation.

Actually thought that’s what the idea was for :stuck_out_tongue:

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