DIY Dual Hub Build

I finally decided to make this guy… By far the easiest setup I’ve built, it only took a few hrs to put this together . I am running a 10s lipo (x2 5s 5000mah in series), (x2 FOCBOX VESC’s), with 90mm 6364 70kv dual hub motors(trucks included), HM-10 BLUETOOTH module(to use VESC app), and $15 used Elephant brand cruiser board bought on offer up… ATM I’m waiting on my 3d printer to make my enclosure (hence the reason for the duct tape and Velcro) but I have a 2.5in clearance so I’m pretty confident riding it without worrying I will puncture my lipos and burst into flames lol

Top speed from what the VESC displayed is 25mph,

Hills are no problem for this setup which was my main concern (unless of course u are trying to climb Mt. Everest lol)

Torque and initial startup speed are ridiculous, but I still like to push a few times before committing to the trigger

I know kingpins are suppose to face the inside of the board but when i did that my board would turn in opposite directions when i rode it, the only remedy I found was rotating the trucks and having the kingpins face the opposite side. Why is that??? If anyone can answer my ? I’d greatly appreciate it…

Here is a link to my video riding my board & using the VESC Monitor app… not good video but just proof of concept since I was riding it for the first time and adjusting to the boards handling

Dude. That cable porn is great! Love the use of packing tape to hold it all in place. 10/10 Would do.

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The kingpins are meant to face outwards on longboard trucks

What are you VESC settings? Do the hubs ever get hot?