DIY Eboard Builds and Specs

Love Arbor decks. Makes me want to build another pintail. How do you like your pneumatic with one motor? I have No complaints with mine so far.

I love the the Arbor pintail so much- all of their decks are just so cool. They are definitely my #1 choice for building a cruiser, with the only downside being a fair amount of flex, which sometimes makes component mounting sketchy.

As for the motors, one motor is completely fine; I even have the esc limited to 80% max output power to keep my space cell fuse form blowing, and I can’t complain. I am a fairly light rider though (I’m 15 and about 140 pounds) but it’ll still fly me right up hills. I think it would be sweet to get dual rear drive just to put a little less stress on the single motor in situations where I am letting like my dad ride it, or I’m pulling one of my friends who doesn’t have an eboard up a hill… lol

The pneumatics are definitely an eye catcher though! people’s first response is always how much does it cost, and where can I buy one

Oyt of curiosity, is that single motor with pneumatic getting hot much?.. my dual drives NEVER get hot… I am very impressed with these new R-SPEC motors.

nope, not hot at all- just warm to the touch! that 245 on the other hand, would probably burn you after a hard ride if you held your hand on there for more than 5 seconds…

I’m running a 290kv and it gets warm. Never hot.

I run Dual 50mm’s and always warm and never hot.

I’ve noticed only if the setup is severely inefficient such as not geared to climb hills and you attempt to climb a hill with the low gearing - your motors will be much more hot at the top of the hill.

Hot motors only mean one thing - inefficient setup IMO.

Sweet builds… Maybe I’ll post something soon. Haven’t had much time to finish but day by day I’m getting it done.

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Thanks for a lot of interesting pictures about your builds, would like to contribute a little bit. Mainly flat landscape here, so no need for very big motors though. Next project: converting the original bubblegum board to hub motors and VESCs.

One of my current builds:

  • Beercan Brewster 30" deck
  • Caliber 50er trucks 158mm, no riser pads
  • 83mm/80a flywheels
  • Alien mount
  • 7s6400aH battery (Alien)
  • BMS 80A
  • Alien antispark powerswitch
  • 5060/270kv Motors (HK)
  • VESC
  • 2x HD cases

Final build:

Prototyp with Jet 26" deck, Bennet Trucks (nightmare to adjust motor mount!), Lego and DiY battery & BMS:

Hubmotor build with VESCs (initially Flier 8S dual ESC), 7s/10AH & BMS, Alien Power Switch:


Hi guys. Long time listener first time caller, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Dean Low Guido, I’m a snowboarder who was looking for some way to stay on board during summer time. I started building e-skateboards and never looked back.

I know some of you have seen my instagram photos @dlg_in_hell but for those who haven’t I have built about 5 different boards here is my latest:


I took the above board for a battery test today. its got a 6S2P 8000mAh battery and I got a 22km trip out of it. I must admit that my knees were almost going to give out before the battery would. Im pretty happy with the distance It will get me to and from work twice on 1 charge.

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Very Neat build! love it!

That’s a decent trip! legs definitely start to get sore at around the 20km mark… so about 170Wh battery with 7.8 Watt hours per kilometer, do you know your average speed?

I like your headlights, should do a little build thread showing how you made them

nice ride bro i just googled my return trip and i need a range off 22km to get to and from wrk your build it tight and tidy may i have some other specs please

Thanks mate, im running a 280kv SK3 motor with 8000mAh 6S lipo HK 150A ESC and a 100A breaker for a power switch. max speed on flat is 32km/h max range with the 8000’s is 22km. I have just added another pack making the total 16000mAh so I’m guessing around 44km range.

standard kingpin 180mm trucks with 6mm aluminum flat plate motor bracket welded to truck. deck is a 9 ply cruiser with carbon fibre style vinyl wrap and the container is custom made from carbon fibre.

I think that pretty much covers all aspects of my build.

and then there’s this…


You use a circuit breaker? Like one for an electrical panel? That’s clever. Maybe I’ll try that when I start my build in the spring when I have available funds to do so.

yeah this is the one I use. you can see it in the picture.

its a little bit big, but it does the job and its very affordable. all of my other builds I have just had a deans connector to the battery that I simply unplug. like this:

also on that latest build I wanted it to be a closed box with no wires to plug or un-plug with the exception of the battery charger. I wanted it to be “idiot proof” so to speak simple as possible so that anyone without any electronic knowledge could pick it up and use it without fear of exploding or something. most power switches wont handle the high current inrush when you connect the batteries. There are FET controlled solid state switches available but they are expensive and require power to work. So the breaker seemed the most logical solution, and it also doubles as a safety feature, because… its a circuit breaker.


I really like that idea. And a circuit breaker isn’t like a fuse where you’d have to replace it if you went over the rated amperage, right?

I’ve used a couple of these as well. They do wear out because of the internal spark, but if you use an XT90 antispark plug in line with it it will probably never wear out.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.

Yeah I have never tripped it while riding (guess I have never pulled 100A) max Amp on my motor is supposed to be 60A anyway.

but if it did trip you just reset it with the switch.

Even If it did eventually wear out, they are only USD $10~ I have seen fuses that are close to that price. and they only last once.

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I just thought this should be put back on the “Latest” for the switches

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Hey I really like your build… where did you get the circuit breaker? thanks!