Diy Eboard for sale! $850 shipped

I have a e board I haven’t ridden much maybe 30 miles. Parts are

Diy 230kv single drive. Diy 16/36 gearing Diy 6s4p with charger Caliber 180mm trucks Ebay flywheel clones 83mm Diy 6s esc and program card Winning remote Pshycotillers 405 enclosure.

Just testing waters. Build is 2 months old. All parts were brand new when installed. I ride it occasionally usually just in my shop. I don’t want to part it out. I’d rather keep it if it came to that.I also have a extra set of Caliber trucks and pink 83mm wheels and bunch of other extra parts and goodies I’ll send to the buyer if wanted

Some advice, clean your board before taking a picture :wink: Price is good, where are you located?


Eh a little dirt never the US, Colorado to be more exact

That’s a bit too far to ship :slight_smile: However nice dog you got! Goodluck