DIY Electric Penny Board First Build

you could go lower than that if you wanted to squeeze a little more range out of it, but 3.7 is a fine stopping point.

I have my cutoff set at 3.4

Just read onloop’s regen braking thread

Still confused. 2x 5000mAh 2S 20C batteries in series at 7.4V each would give me 14.8V total, so I should set the Minimum Input Voltage at 14.8/4 = 3.7V ?

I guess what I really want to know is what to fill in in all the blank spaces in the BLDC app given my configuration. Perhaps just the defaults will be fine

I have mad hills where I live and I am wondering if I should just connect all three motor leads together to act as a generator as I go down the hill and that energy will be released as heat.

I would not suggest that anyone ever connect all 3 leads together.

just use the brakes on the VESC to control your decent. if you are worried about over charging then don’t fully charge the battery before you descend the hills. leave yourself a little bit of headway.

if you do the math, you can bomb the hill and work out how many amp hours you gain and leave that amount out of your full charge.

I was wondering about the same thing some weeks ago and decided to do a few tests to see what a good cutoff point would be. 3.6V seemed to be ideal.

Connecting all three leads in not bad or dangerous, Its just that the energy the motor get is transferred into heat. VESC brakes are better just because they already do that and more.

I have had lipos at 2.99V-3.7 and I would say 3.4 is the lowest you wanna go, and that gives you some extra wiggle room. I will set mine at 3.4-3.7V.

you’re not wrong it would generate heat. but a.) you don’t know how much heat. maybe enough to melt insulation and burn out the motor? and that’s if b,) you can even get it to roll at all with a shorted motor.

i’m all for science though. give it a try and report back.

All ready have and its just scary not having any control and going down a 30 degree hill at 5mph. You are correct about using esc brakes, they are fine on my 1/10 scale 3S esc and cant wait for the vesc

Hi guys, I made some progress today. Soldered the nyko kama nunchuk receiver to the jst connectors and they connect just fine. Soldered the vesc to the motor connectors too, and soldered leads for my zippy batteries.

But I think I fudged up my vesc, really hope not. I was having a lot of trouble with the BLDC, but eventually i got it connected. Motor detection wasn’t working, but then I realised that was because i had my receiver plugged in. So I unplugged it, rebooted and reconnected and ran motor detection.

VEEEEEEE the motor starts going, slows down just like in Vedder’s video, then VSH it starts up and chokes. Next thing I know, the VESC is no longer connected, and the LEDs on the VESC no longer light up, so I can’t connect it.

I had my space cell connected to the VESC, VESC connected to motor. Did it short? Is it fudged? Should I get a new one? If so, how do I prevent the same thing from happening?

So close, yet so far

Sounds like you have a short somewhere. Check with your distributor and make sure you wont void the warranty before pealing the shrink wrap off and inspecting the board for loose solder and bridged processor/driver legs.

Does the one from @carl.1 come with warranty? If so, does it qualify?

So the solution is to check for broken pieces? Sorry, I don’t know much. What do I look out for visually?

I’ll upload pictures soon

Hey everyone, I got a new VESC and it works wonders. I’ve almost got everything in place now, can’t wait to ride it!

I’ll put up pictures for everything else.

What balancing charger specifically would you guys recommend? I have 2 x ZIPPY 5000mAh 2S1P 20C batteries in series.

Also, can someone tell me what settings I should have my VESC on specific to that battery set up?


Any updates? 20 characters max be damned

Sorry it took me so long to update this! So this is my electric enertion penny hybrid board and it’s looking so so sexy with that white on white. Final build:

Deck: Penny Deck Batteries: 2x Zippy 5000mAh 2S 7.4v 20C Li-Po batteries in series ESC: VESC Remote Controller: Nyko Kama Nunchuk Wheels/Decks/Motors: Enertion Single Motor Kit

It goes at about 20km/h~ max as I’m only running a 14.8v setup. I have space in my enclosure to fit in 3S or even 4S batteries, so that should provide a big speed boost to 30-40km/h. It rides like a dream, and is tiny and weighs about 4.5kg currently.

For the ‘enclosure’ i sawed off the top of a piece of tupperware and screwed it to the base of my penny board, then put velcro on all 4 sides, and made the cover out of duct tape strips that I folded in half and weaved together. It turned out looking pretty unique I think.

I wouldn’t have done it without all you guys’ help!

Let me know what you guys think! Also should I update the first post on here with this?


I don’t know much about the underside of the pennyboards, but it looks like you have quite a significant amount of room to move the trucks to the edges of the board and make more room for extra batteries. Have you considered this?

That’s a good point. Unfortunately, it starts to curve a lot more beyond where I’ve put in the screws for the trucks

Do you have any tips for someone trying to do the same with a nickel board?

Make sure everything fits. Working on Pennys/Nickels, we have less space to work with so just be mindful of that when you’re buying batteries and thinking of how to configure them.

You might want to get grip tape for your Nickel board too, going at those speeds, a little more friction goes a long way.

You definitely don’t need a dual drive configuration.

Get your truck alignment right. You’ll likely have to drill new holes into the Nickel board if you’re using the enertion giant trucks and wheels. You only get one chance to do this! I messed mine up, so turning right is a lot harder than turning left. Don’t make the mistake I did.