DIY electric pintail

Second build, Already had the ESC, remote and motor so decided I needed a longboard in my life after finishing my Mountainboard. By using these spare parts and makita drill batteries to power it the whole build came to less than £200

6355 motor VESC 4.12 3d printed case Caliber trucks 10s (pair of drill batteries)


Sub £200 build? Thats impressive. Would you mind if I share that first pic on another forum? Its just a picture thread in the off topics section of Helifreak so only HF members would see it.

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Likewise impressed I think I spent over $300 on 4.12 VESC, lipos, and motor + mount/belt drive from hobbyking.

Then I already had deck, trucks, wheels bearings to make it complete. Plus a cardboard box.

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Yeah that’s fine, total cost including what I paid for the vesc motor and controller I already had (purchased second hand) would have been £260

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