DIY Electric Skateboard Inquiry - Non Belt Drive ESC

Hi, I’ve been planning to make an electric skateboard soon and I was wondering if this ESC and this Motor will work together.

I’ve read on the forum that I can use a dual motor ESC to power a single motor but while reading the amazon page, It said that this specific ESC doesn’t support belt drive system.

I was wondering how that works? Can I not just plug it into a motor which allows it to turn and then attatch a belt drive onto it? How would the ESC know that the system is a belt drive? Not sure how this works and would apreciate any help!!

I was also wondering if the current draw from the ESC is also compatible with the Motor I have listed so it would be great if anyone could help me out and let me know if they can be put together.


Motor -

Thank you very much!

I would scrap that esc if you’re going single. You can use a single on a dual, but that esc is not worth it. That works more with hub motors. Belts takes more power than hubs, and thus, will not work on belt motors.

If you need a better single esc, look into makerx sv6.

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is there any single esc that is more budget friendly with potentially fast delivery? I found the makerx sv6 but it costs around 150 usd and I’m located in canada. Let me know! Thank you very much haha.

Another question is if i do get ther makerx sv6, do i need to also buy my own remote control? Is there anything else I need to purchase separately? Like a BEC? ← not too sure how to use that if I bought it separately

I’m not sure on fast delivery to be honest with you. But for budget friendly, I would honestly buy a prebuilt board and then upgrade the parts. DIY is not cheap unfortunately. I can help you not lose your money or spend money on the wrong parts since ive lost money doing that myself. It sucks.

Most escs are over $100, especially the ones that you can use your own remote and reprogram at will.

Yes. It’s not like the ubox, nor like hobbywing/lingyi esc. They are built in remote escs. That’s the benefit of having an esc that you can choose a remote to. You can look into hobbywing escs and see if you can get one that can be used with motors.

I’m unfamiliar with a BEC. Is that another way of saying bluetooth receiver for esc? If so, yes. It doesn’t have a built in Bluetooth module. If not, can you explain this so you can have a better answer.

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translated: breaks extremely quickly and/or performs terrible

Seriously though, buying a used ESC may be an option for someone on a an extreme budget. :slight_smile:

Battery voltage will need to be known as well before motor Kv and ESCs can be selected.