DIY electric skateboard shop

Deleted because I’m not gonna be an ass.

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Frankly, if you had called me a liar I would have shut you down and made you wait. You should instead of try to understand that small business have supply issue sometimes. This ain’t Wal-Mart.

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Honestly, your right. I’m deleting it. I was so frusturated and upset. The older I get the less impatient I get nowadays…

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I can dig it, sometimes we lose our cool. I would suggest you message @torqueboards here and see if he can help you out.

I already requested to cancel my order. I’ll reach back out to them soon. Just wish they told me on the front end instead of having me order and enclosure then telling me.

If I had to guess, Ralph prolly just looked at the enclosure and not the battery stock. EIther way Dexter should be able to assist you.

All I asked them was to reimburse me for the shipping of the enclosure to and from psychotiller for the misinformation. And Ralph actually told me the battery was in stock, they were waiting on the enclosure. That’s what sparked the whole rant

Then Ralph said he could look up the history if I was using the same device. I only use my phone when talking to them, otherwise I’d get fired from my job because they monitor our computers

I guess I’m lucky in that regard, I’m the one that does the monitoring so I do WTF I want :slight_smile:

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So my question for you is… would you not be upset if you were truly lied to on a day to day basis. @torqueboards can you actually pull up the history because on 2 different accounts Ralph stated the battery was in stock. I have no problem waiting. I also have my email thread with @psychotiller on this site from yesterday. Sucks because I wanted that battery pack

I’m curious if he has a lot of complaints for small orders or just sells so many products

I have a similar story with DIY’s support, and also with a battery order. Mine was the 12s4p model that came with the enclosure. I would hop on chat and ask them everyday when my battery would ship. They told me batteries ship from Asia and I would get a tracking number as soon as they had one. Two weeks go by, and every day someone tells me no tracking number yet. Finally I lose my cool and get pissed at one of the chat people. Dexter manages to hop onto chat chat and finds my tracking number. Turns out that not only was the battery NOT shipped from Asia, but it had shipped out the day after I put in my order. ALSO, they had fucked up the address and it was on hold at the local UPS facility. Was sitting there for a week at the local facility before I even got the tracking number.

Then I had a weird experience with an RMA on a vesc. Waited 2 weeks for them to even check my RMA. Got pissed, lost my cool, threatened to file a dispute, and then immediately my issues were resolved.

What I’ve learned was…

  1. the chat people are useless. They are not enabled to actually help customers. Why even have them around if all they’re going to do is frustrate customers.
  2. if you need something actually done, you need Dexter
  3. Dexter isn’t always available
  4. Dexter WILL hop on chat if its escalated to him

All in all, DIY has good stuff and ships quick. But if your order does go upside down, you’re going to have to deal with it.

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What’s going on here? I heard my name. Did you end up not needing the enclosure I just shipped you?

I more than likely will be shipping it back due to not receiving a battery anytime soon. I’m trying to find a 12s4p battery or even a 10s4p. Do you accept returns if the item was never used? Which Dexter at @torqueboards would shed some light on this. I have no problem paying a little extra or waiting. I just don’t like being lied to when they have half a grand of my money. I know it’s not a lot but more so the principal. Hopefully it was all just miscommunication

So my question is, when did you end up getting your pack? I’m coming up on two weeks

@Mattmccrary8 Hey Matt, Sorry. We’ve been swamped lately. Our site early this week was down for about 1.5 days which pushed a lot of things back.

We’ll get your battery shipped out tomorrow. The enclosures won’t be available until Oct 15th but once they arrive we’ll send them out.

If you still want a refund let me know before we ship it out tomorrow.

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If you need a battery pm me with your specifications

It’s up to you. Doesn’t make much sense shipping back an enclosure that you need when you do get a battery…But if you send it back I’ll give you a refund.

You are the man. I totally understand and do not want a refund. Thank you!


I think I’m all set but if anything changes I’ll definitely message you! Thanks for the offer

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