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Hey, just wanted to share something and get your thoughts. I recently purchased from the website “” a VESC. The TorqueBoards they got. They take 40 dollars inter’ shipping and they send it through USPS priority mail, which should arrive after about 10 days. I used a similarly priced service with DHL, it was my drive train and it got here fast. I still haven’t received it today after ordering it on Sep 22’. After contacting them they didn’t really give me any answers other than check the post office (but it doesn’t work that way, you don’t show up asking for if there’s anything for you) and verifying my order number along with saying they’ll see what they can do. They didn’t answer me so I sent an email that could have been construed as a bit angry in it’s phrasing along with the saying that I’m not sure to recommend their products because of it. Then I got a message saying "You’ve been refunded, thanks.) Which was strange because I didn’t ask for it. And it was passive aggressive. What I’m going with here is, did I do something wrong? Or was I right in my frustration? Did you have something with their services? What other option for a VESC would you recommend…?

You’re right in your frustration. I think many of us have had our share of frustrations with DIY. You got your refund and thats that.

I recommend getting FOCBOXs in any case. I’ve blown DIY’s VESCs, and have not had any issues with FOXBOX.


They said they choose not to do business with me…Very professional. I was rude though, so I guess I get it. I was just looking for help, they took it personally. I apologized but I take their comment personally too for some reason. Did you get that kinda thing or heard of it?

The only 4.12 form factor vescs you should ever even bother with are from AXLE and Ollin. FocBox is basically an optimized 4.12 in a 6ish form factor and works amazingly well because of it.

Is it possible to combine 2 different VESCS in a set up ? in case of budget limitations and such.

yeah i’ve done it. If you do i’d go with split ppm instead of using the can bus just to be safe.

I run one Ollin and one DIY VESC on a dual board set-up. I haven’t had problems with either (although I fried the DIY vesc once - my fault).
If you’re gonna do that just set it up in BLDC tool so that the stronger VESC (in my case Ollin), takes more of the load on braking and hard accelerations.