DIY eSk8 On Planes

I was wondering about how to get your board on a plane? I get that on most planes they are ok, and I have looked at a lot of major (US) airlines that allow it, but how? The boards are too big for carry on, and I don’t want to give it to the airline to check, as they will just throw it into the back of the plane and hope for the best, not to mention the risk of losing it. Is there an alternative besides just shipping it there?

You can’t ship a board with check-in anyway if they battery is in the board. You’ll most likely want to have it with you on carry on. You have to check indvidual airline policies to see what they say about skateboards in general and/or electric boards. FAA (in the United States) regulates batteries for mobility devices to 99wh in the battery and up to two spare batteries up to 160wh as carry on.

My advice is to take the trucks off and throw them into your carry on luggage. I think most airlines would let you bring a flat deck with you to stow in the overhead compartment. As for the battery, if it’s under 160wh, take it out and store it in a backpack to carry on.

The biggest problem is the size of the board itself and the battery. I recently completed an airplane legal build - that I will be taking to Germany with me this summer. Basen 26650 cells make for a 99wh battery pack that gets me 4.5 miles of range. Deck is nice and small too - I intend to take it as a carry-on item.

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