Diy esk8 power cuttoff

Hello, I made a DIY electric skateboard and have had a ton of problems with it. it seems that I had fixed all the problems but a new one has arisen that I can not figure out how to solve. I was riding one day and leaned forward and accelerated very fast and hard. all of a sudden it just lost power I went flying but thankfully I only got a few scratches. I recalibrated the sensors and thought I had fixed it but it happened again while I was accelerating. The first time it happened the board shut off completely and I had to turn it back on. the second time it just went back to normal after. I have a Dual FSESC4.20 Plus and Flipsky 190kv motors. Unfronatly I can’t ride without the fear of falling so I would love to get this fixed if anybody knows what is happening or how to fix it I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

VESC:Dual FSESC4.20 Plus,

Dual 190 KV flypsky moters,

M-boards 12s lithium ion battery,

I have a flypsky remote ,

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sorry you got some crappy parts… Mboards is known to hawk some shitty stuff, your battery may be massively underrated for your settings.

you should be checking all your connections and checking for faults.

Good luck with your future purchases

Flipsky vesc 4.2 also had a known problem that would only work with special settings or some shit. @mmaner wrote about it. I thought they had fixed it tho…