DIY Evolve AT Build | Original Skateboard Deck 44in | Dual OM 170kv | 10S5P 15Ah | Dual VESC-X | Customized LED lighting

Top speed: 26-28 mph Range: 18-22 miles Incline: 30-35% (tested this at a multi-level parking garage) Monstrous torque and power with dual 170kv Olllin motors Overall, my best build up to date!! Very happy with this build Evolve AT wheels are the bomb! Perfectly round and insanely awesome build quality.

Total cost: Approx $1100, $900 short of Evolve GT All-Terrain DIY FTW! :smiley:

stabilizing the battery on the deck

Putting in wood inserts for enclosure…it’s a mess I know

3D printed dual VESC-X enclosure

Completed!!! Isn’t she a beauty?? :smiley:


Surely you mean 30% not 30 degrees. You’d be hard pressed to find that long of incline on a road or trail to begin with.

Awesome build I would buy that over the evolve

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yeah, 30% not degrees lol

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Beautiful work! Great to see someone take the elements they love from a design and better it in form, function and price! :punch:

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Any wheel bite issues?

Did you used evolve pulley ?