DIY Ex-Snowboard (diy e-freeboard) SummerBoard

Hey it’s me Marcus :slight_smile:

I am a bit late to reality but recently got interested in skateboarding after a long 4 year injury-break.

So I got really interested in summerboards and freeboards and I was about to buy them both but i thought they were too expensive and have shitty service and battery issues. So i thought to build it because I want to.

So this is my early sketch of how i name it “ EX-SnowBoard ” (ofc some things will change as i build)

So in a nutshell im going to attach a battery and a own made caster to a regular skateboard and see how it’ll work. I have 3D printer so that will really help me to master the design. The only problems are:

  1. What 5055 motor kv is better here 320kv or 140kv?
  2. From where do I get summerboard like wheels?
  3. I don’t know what esc’s to use for 5055 motor
  4. What batteries should i use?

For the caster I’m going to use sliprings and lazy susan bearings(as i tested myself they are really durable) For caster resistance i’m going to 3dprint some pancakes and going to use really thicc oil paste or idk how it’s named.

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140Kv, but it’s probably better if you can find one closer to 200Kv, assuming a 10S or 12S battery

There is a thread about lazy susans and all this stuff on the other forum, which I cannot link because there is a bot on this forum that will delete my link immediately.

Go to forum(dot)esk8(dot)news/t/e-freeboard-open-source-electric-caster/25164

There is a lot of information there