DIY kits just being lazy?

MBoards interstellar kit Hey anyone have some insight on this kit? Or company? This is my first board and I like the specs and upgrading availability this has. Big battery and the unity, I plan on getting a very flexible enclosure to put on a 50” pintail cruiser diy.

Not allowed here. Although I personally haven’t had a bad experience with them, a lot of people have. They are still in business so must be doing something right.

Sorry my ESK8-BRO Chris, but I’m going to pull you up on this one.

[I Just kind of feel like I need to stand up for people when this happens to them, this industry is just too small and fragile to allow this… So I apologise in advance]

I think you are probably having a joke, but it’s not entirely clear, sarcasm doesn’t translate well in text form…

Let it be known, MBoards are very much allowed here!

Really? That’s mostly what haters keep trying to convince everyone of? I highly doubt it. Also, what exactly is a lot of people anyway? 2 or 3 or 10 people? 100? & where are the facts to support these claims?

Maybe it’s better to say something like this “I heard from a third party that they had a few problems with XYZ but I cannot verify it to be a fact, and there is always two sides to a story, so you will need to do your own due diligence & make your own educated buying decision”

MBOARDS has been around for years, yeah, maybe it is true that they are not perfect, and yeah probably made some mistakes, but that’s how you learn and it seems that they have plenty of happy customers now.

TIP - If you get asked your opinion about something, only give your personal version of it and only if you have first-hand experience.

TLDR; Haters spread shit, then some other folks repeat it like it’s a fact.


My advice is to contact the company & politely ask if you could see some customer reviews.

Mboards is a brand name that people on some DIY ESK8 FORUMS love to pile the shit on… it’s hard to see exactly why this is. The only somewhat negative thing that I can vaguely remember was a few years ago there may have been reports of bad batteries… but this is only hearsay, I have never purchased from them.

At a glance, it would seem there are lots of bad vibes spread around by haters who aren’t actually customers but just like to bring others down for fun.

Also, If you can’t get reviews, you can look at other things to aid your decision-making process. They seem to be active on youtube, Instagram, etc, they have plenty of products on their shelves and there don’t seem to be any actual angry customers shouting about real-world problems… but that’s just at a glance, you should probably put in more time before making the final buying decision.

Do I think DIY kits are a good idea? YES, I think it is a great way to get into this.


Iff i remember correctly it’s that people should steer clear from. is this still the case?


From memory, they may have had a public argument or two with people on this forum, they may have shared some private information from a customers order. I honestly don’t think they were trying to be malicious. I also think everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

Seriously, most things get blown out of proportion by people (I won’t name them) who like to think of themselves as social justice warriors.

You can go from hero to villain in a matter of weeks in these forums because of an honest mistake and the power of hate & herd mentality. Seems many people these days can’t be bothered to do their own due diligence and will gladly rely on the words of a complete stranger to make their buying decisions. One hater spreads some shit, the blind followers sniff it up & keep spurting it out like fact.

I have personally visited the DIYeboard factory, met the owner, met with the staff, observed the QC processes, that’s me doing my own due diligence! They seem like good people trying to run an honest business. However, it is my opinion the majority of products they sell are not very innovative.

Remember the riptide board brand made by the shredlights founder? Also, I believe the original FAB board came out of this factory too. Those guys also did their due diligence & made a buying decision based on their own information. In contrast, many of the social justice warriors on the internet haven’t moved from behind their keyboard long enough to gain any real-world experience.


Thanks for the legitimate opinion man! Props for getting out there and meeting the owners, seeing the shop.:metal: that’s the info I’m here for

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honestly I was coming from more of a humor side that saying they are a bad company. I’ve ordered parts from them and never had a problem. And I clearly said they must be doing something right.

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All good… i kind of thought so…

it’s great to hear you have had a good experience with mboards. I am certain your not the only one.

Sadly, People who have good experiences rarely come to a forum to share the good experience. Especially when the haters and trolls are waiting to pounce, throwing hate around, and shaming people for having good experiences with companies they don’t like.


I bought the kit about 3 weeks ago with a 40T battery upgrade I’m about a week out from receiving it personally I’ve had a amazing customer service experience I’ve done my research MBoards has alot of unreasonable hate people go around saying so and so had a problem with something over a year ago and I’ve read one review where so and so also had a problem listen I have see and read every bad review but haven’t seen a single picture of a damaged product or evidence of the company being mean there’s a couple of bad reviews and the 9 year old army slurps that shit up buy it it’s great or wait for me to tell you it’s great when it arrives

I just finished my mboards Interstellar kit yesterday. Let me tell you it is incredible. I tried for a couple hours to full throttle it, but you can’t! It is so incredibly powerful you that you can hardly keep it underneath you. The assembly was pretty seamless and straightforward, whatever questions I did have were quickly answered by Mike over at M boards. Those guys are top notch, their customer service is second to none and that Interstellar board is a complete mind blower.

Whoever has anything but good to say about mboards has obviously never dealt with them or built one of their boards. Their customer service is above and beyond. And I’m telling you right now the the board I just finished is straight-up incredible. Those guys put a lot of work into problem solving and putting together Esk8 kits that just work really well. Those guys got my vote all day long! GO TEAM MBOARDS!

I just finished off my Interstellar, it is scary fast and the battery just seems to go and go. The hardware is pretty quality and I am just completely in love with it!

Omg… this thing is great! Did you already build yours?