DIY longboard deck and wheels setup

I just took up the challenge of building my own first electric board. I’m planning on making it FAST and POWERFUL! By this, I mean it should be able to surpass 30mph no problem (technically go ~55, but that’s just calculations and I’d never go that fast).

As far as the wheels go, I was just thinking of using 85mm orangoutang wheels. I would use the caliper II trucks, but I don’t know what kind of deck I want. I was thinking of the bamboo vanguard, but I think that would be too bouncy for those kinds of speeds. I like the evolve board - 7 ply maple and 2 ply bamboo. That way, it is stiff but not too much. I also ideally would like to say in the ~$50 range, but I know it may be hard finding a good bamboo maple deck so I can stray. Also, I like the idea of a drop through deck, but I hear they make you loose too much clearance, so I don’t think its worth it. I do like the free-wheel decks because they don’t have any chance of catching the wheels while curving. Do ya’ll know of any good decks?

Lastly, I’m looking for a good motor mount. There are a few on amazon and DIY boards, but they don’t have very good reviews.

All and any help is greatly appreciated!

Deck (fully maple, no bamboo).


Motor Mount: collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-w-drive-wheel-kit


youre NEVER going to hit 55… like… almost ever.

Youre building for a board thats going to be mighty fast… better buy gear at least :confused:

especially on 85mm wheels :thinking:


Drop through decks make good builds, but yes, clearance can become an issue.

Why a single motor set up? If you truly want to go fast, you are going to need a dual set up!

Try checking out some 6355s…unless you get some bigger trucks thats going to be the easiest to do.

Yep, right on. A single motor build going faster than 25mph is going to be rather inefficient and ineffective. If you really want speed you need two motors.

@TheRafter I have a dual 6355 board and have taken it upto 50-60kmh only about 3 times. It’s just not safe enough or controlled enough in normal riding for those speeds. It’s much more fun to stick to 25mph and have some nice acceleration to carve and pull up hills. Trust me falling at those speeds sucks

It is actually a dual motor setup, I just forgot to add the other motor mount to the list. I want to do dual 6380 4100w motors. I know it is really overpowered, but it will allow me to modify it to off-road later in the future. Also the motors are only 15$ more, so why not?

You wouldn’t be able to those motors on a standard set of caliber trucks. 6355 at the most.

Now there has been a new caliber set that was designed for esk8. A few people on the forum are selling them on their website.

@longhairedboy is selling them right now!

Theres actually a set that I found on DIY electric skateboards that should work.


Be careful with the motor sizing thought. Those trucks will support 6374s only if they are TRULY 74 mm tall.

I know the HK SK3’s are alot longer that the number that the motor is classified as.

Do a few good forum searches before you decide on any and you’ll quickly find your answer!

Get bigger wheels. 97mm or more.
Play with this.

Also these trucks will fit whatever motors you want. You can change axle lengths as needed. Plus they just handle better. @psychotiller makes perfect mounts for them. No clamps, always straight.


Does anyone have a opinion between the Cal 7 97mm wheels and the all terrain 100mm wheels?

Personally I would go with urethane over whatever they make those all-terrain Wheels out of. That being said im not huge on abec clones. Lots use and like them tho.

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Both the MBS All-terrain and ABEC clones are urethane.

Do you have any experience with either one? Supposedly the MBS can do light offloading such as compact dirt much better, and may I say they look sweet! Their just a bit pricy though.

I’ve used both. MBS are great, although a little slippery at first. They are advertised as all-terrain but offroading is a bit of a stretch, though they are much better for badly paved/dirt pack terrain than regular urethane wheels. The pricing is hard to swallow, as I don’t think they’re three times as good for decent paved streets and occasional cracked sidewalks, but if you have the money, go for 'em.

If you want real offroading wheels, go pneumatic.

Screenshot_20181004-214415_OfferUp Screenshot_20180908-142004_OfferUp

With the deck, motor mount, and motor I have here, will the motor clear the back end of the deck (reverse setup)?

Also is it worth getting the 6380 motor and/or the fixed motor mounts? Although I wouldn’t be able to utilize the extra power for the 6380 motors, they do dissipate heat making them more efficient. They would also allow me for future upgrades. The motor mounts would also be more sturdy, but do I really need that sturdiness. They’re an extra $45.



products/v5-fixed-motor-mount-set products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv