DIY MBS Mountainboard $600

A pretty basic build with some quality custom CNC parts.

MBS Atom 90 based. Wrapped in 3m vinyl satin black, top and bottom.

Custom CNC drive pulleys, motor mounts. 15mm belts.

Dual ebay esc and remote. In a custom cnc delrin enclosure with aluminum heatsink and power switch.

Custon cnc machined battery enclosure. Delrin with a gloss black rubber gasket sealed lid with voltage gauge. 100% waterproof.

10s4p pack with roughly 20 charges through it. BMS wired for charge only. Comes with 2amp charger.

63-64 Keda motors. 190kv.

MBS T3 tires, almost new.

Does 20mph for 15 miles at full throttle, 20 miles at more casual speeds.

Dead reliable board. Zero issues what so ever.

Questions feel free to ask. Paypal or local pickup only. Will be shipped from my work in Chicago, so shipping cost we can work something out.








Seems like a really good deal. Glws

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Its certainty a very good deal. I cant ride the rest of the summer so im going to use my downtine to build another. Gear drive this time.

Dang, I might buy this, Few questions though, do u know the inner dimensions of your esc case? Or the dimensions of the batt case, can it take 12s? What belt sizes do you need? What pulley sizes are on it, htd5m im assuming. Also what trucks are on it. Sorry to hit youwith all the questions but i figured i would do it on the post so you can answer once to all of the above questions Thanks!

Its no problem man. I dont have the exact dimensions of the esc enclosure handy, but around 4 inches by 6. I made the battery case to hold a 12s5p pack. Belts are HTD5M, 15mm, 475. Trucks are the ones that came on the board, belive they are called ats or something like that. Not spring trucks, standard trucks.

Can the esc handle 12s?

10s only esc

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Are you willing to sell the board with electronics and motors?

Super interested! Not sure how to contact you direct but would love to discuss shipping cost.

Pmed you about y ou ur board

Buyers beware. I paid for this board Sunday night and he told me he would ship it Monday morning. I received pictures of the box and shipping label Monday. The tracking never updated from " label printed status". He asked me to select the “item received” box through paypal so the money would be released and gave me a sob story about how he didn’t have any money and used the last to ship the board. Today I told him the tracking still has not updated and he refunded me through paypal. The whole situation seems sketch and I wanted to warn people before they spend their hard earned money.


No one in his right mind is going to ship an item before it is paid for and funds have cleared. That is the normal way to conduct business. Any item bought on this forum where Paypal is used is supposed to be a “Goods and Services” transaction. That way you are protected by Paypal against fraud.
If you use a credit card to fund the PayPal payment, the payment would be available immediately. If you use your bank account to fund the payment, there will likely be a delay before the funds are available to the seller.

Funds were cleared. Paypal was holding them because of his lack of paypal history. This wasn’t a payment issue.

Then you need to contact Paypal and ask them to clear the funds. This happened to me once with a transaction. It took me contacting PayPal to get it cleared up.

This assuming that you pay via goods and services If you paid friends and family, then you need to cancel the payment and start over.

Paypal was waiting for me to confirm reciept of goods before releasing the funds to him. This is common practice to protect the buyer. If I never confirm reciept of the goods, paypal will release the funds to him 21 days after the transaction.

You need to call Paypal and talk to them about it. If I was the seller I would not ship the board until the payment was cleared. That is how it’s done on eBay and how it’s done here.

On the other hand, if I were the buyer, I would not confirm receipt of item either.

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eBay also holds payment if the seller has a new account. When I had a new account I shipped my items out and had to wait up to 21 days for the payment to be released. It was frustrating, but it makes sense because it was a new account. This was a few years ago but after a quick look at google it seems like they still withhold payments for new accounts.

Damn. I paid for this board as well… Only to be refunded? He hasnt answered why, but he offered to sell it to me for $450, so I bet he got a better offer after i paid or something? I dont know, but yeah my situation along with the above stated situation makes it seem pretty sketchy!

At least you got a refund and he didn’t just pocket your money and disappear. Did you get the sob story also?