DIY Mellow/Boosted

So since I pretty much have all the parts I wanted to start a build log.

The components + prices in €

  • Loaded vanguard flex 4 (170€)
  • Paris Trucks (2x 35€)
  • used Mellow hubs with axle and front wheels (175€)
  • Dual FSESC 4.20 (141€)
  • Flipsky VX1 remote (I’ll use ppm) (44€)
  • Bluetooth module (20€)
  • custom battery: 8s2p with
    • 16x vapcell 21700 cells 4500mAh, 20A (4,36€ per cell)
    • 8s smart bms with Bluetooth (with e-switch) (36,87€)
  • 3d printed enclosures stiffened with fibreglass


  • copper braid
  • battery meter white LCD (4,33€)
  • charger 8s 33,6V 2A
  • on/off switch
  • charging port
  • grip tape
  • bearings
  • epoxy
  • fibreglass
  • nickel for spot-welding
  • xt60s, bullet connectors






If you’re using mellow hubs, wouldn’t it be a DIY Mellow?


I’m really curious how this turns out, I also have the hubs but I was a bit disappointed at 10s. I’ll use them in a future 4wd combo with landwheels :blush:

Why were you disappointed? Torque or topspeed wise? Also what motoramp limits did you use?

I can still build a 10s battery instead. I bought some extra cells, just in case.

Torquewise :slightly_smiling_face: I got first hand info that they can do 40A continuously, this did not work for 10s but when I calculated wattage for the original [email protected] i got corresponding 28A @10s. If I went higher I had strange motor stuttering, maybe the motor cables were not capable enough

I got that information first hand too. From an engineer at mellow.

The cables are pretty thin yes :c

"die Motoren werden bei Mellow mit 29V und 40A Phasenstrom betrieben und laufen dann ( mit Feldschwächung) 40km/h.

mehr Spannung erhöht die Drehzahl und du kannst auf jeden Fall bis 50V gehen. Das macht denen nichts.

Mehr Strom ergibt mehr Drehmoment und du kannst kurzfristig bis ca 80A erhöhen. Darüber sind die Motoren in Sättigung und es kommt nicht noch mehr Moment.

wenn du den Strom aber über 40a erhöhst werden die Motoren sich empfindlich aufheizen- hier ist also Vorsicht geboten"