DIY Motor Mount Adapter for Cronins

i doubt youll get much benefit from it! on the weekend, I actually slammed my motor right into the ground, because I underestimated a pedestrian sidewalk height - made a horrible sound, the APS motor took it like a man with a thick scratch and the mount & truck adapter was completely unaffected! I have no doubts that this connection is made to last!


Where did you get that motor? looks pretty nice!

its the new alienpowersystem 6355 HEV motor:

oh nice, just saw their 50’s, didn’t notice those. wish someone in the us had them!

I got around to epoxying the pipe and i have no doubt it will hold. Nowhere as pretty as whiteponys but it’ll do (covered my hack job i had done to fit mount previously). It was slightly small so i shimmed it with a coke can lol. With 90mm wheels my mount doesn’t see the pavement as often anyway compared to kegels. I replaced the stock axle with custom stainless steel axle so I can fit dual 15mm belts still to come. I managed to bend the stock axle and my new axle has held up to more abuse. I have the enertion wheel pulley currently but might switch to diy/torque pulley and use spacers instead. Thanks for sharing this method @whitepony


nice :grinning:

what do you think is the correct diameter for tb’s mounts? maybe dexter can chime in @torqueboards ?

I can definitely use without shimming I just feel it is a better fit like this. It’s a 28mm aluminum pipe I got from eBay 1mm thickness I did remove material from two sides from hanger to fit further down.

I am actually working on a mount for CRonins that will require no epoxy. Heres a sneak peak…

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isn’t that same principle as the Alien Universal Truck Mount System?? or different / better?

Same idea, the bushing will be cut to fit the profile of the hanger though. No cutting or grinding needed, just clamp it on.

cool. you gonna keep to yourself, or sell / open source? :wink:

too many things, not enough time… !

Was my design originally, my machinist did stress tests and did some mods. I have no problem with open source, but if you need one I would say let him make if for you.

well, if the offer is there then I’d definitely do that!

i’ve only ridden: gullwing, calibers, paris, independant, randal, sabres and Phantoms on my pintail, so the feedback from @whitepony was eye opening. if they are that good, the definitely worth trying! and if they’re good, then i’d probably stick to them!

I currently have caliber 2’s and don’t get me wrong they are nice, but the Ronins are like a Mercedes. There is just no comparing them, different animal.

Depending on price, I’m interested in a mount :slight_smile:

That mount looks nice. What’s the max pulley to pulley center distance with your mount?

nice looking mount! whats the inner diameter? would be nice to make it identical to torque’s and/or alienpower system if you also plan to make adapters for ronins (they both should also even out their inner diameters so that all adapters are compatible!).

if your machinist works something out for ronins, I think you’d have QUITE a big market for adapters!

@Eboostin once I get the adaptor ironed out I will start a thread with more details.

@Titoxd10001 right now I have it set for a 265 belt with about 4mm of adjustment on the motor. The motor is a little tight to the truck but works. I may bump it up to a 280 belt for a little more room. If I remember correctly CTC was 65mm.

@whitepony that is an awesome idea. Let me get the bushing straight then I can design it as an adaptor for the other mounts. Working off your 30mm bushing, most of the mounts have a 24mm to 28mm clamp or opening for the hanger. It may still work though.

I haven’t tried mounting the motor inwards because my board has a drop but for the motor facing the back I’m using 285 belt (15/36) and I would go bigger if it would fit. Maybe 290 is max that would fit on my current mount. At these lengths i think steel mount would be better. Are you planning aluminum or steel?

This is awesome, agree with @whitepony there is a real need for this, let us know if you create a separate thread as I would be super interested in paying you/your machinist for these