DIY Motor Mount | Paris v2

Dear fellow E-Sk8ers,

After my previous motor mount had bent, I have been in the process of making a new one. As I am still attending school, I have access to cnc machines. Below are some pictures which I have drawn on the computer. The previous mount was welded onto the truck. I am planning to do this again as I am running paris v2 trucks and the welded part of the mount previously, didn’t have any problems with it. The last mount was made from 6 mm aluminium. This time I would like to double it and add some steel to it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give some feed back whether I might need to change my design or improve on it.

In the diagrams, the thickest part of allumiun is 12mm and the lower part 9mm, and steel has a thickness of 3mm. The lower part of the aluminium, where holes currently are on the drawing, will be taped to fit 3M bolts can attach the steel with the base of the mount

Thanks, Yannik

since you’re cnc milling this, you should recess the the steel part, where the motor screws go in. That way the socket heads will sit flush with the surface of the steel. Had an issue with the heads rubbing on the belts in the past.

EDIT: Nevermind, won’t be possible since the steel is only 3mm. The heads themselves are about 3mm. You would have to put the steel on the other side (motor side), with the recess in the 9mm aluminum


I do not see the reason behind using an aluminium and steel sandwich like you are showing. You can use a 5mm thick steel plate for the mount (which is way over kill as well, I have seen long mounts from 3mm steel hold up just fine) and then you just machine/turn a collar out of aluminium which attaches to the hanger. It can have tapped holes to attach the steel motor mount plate.

Actually its almost what I am doing with my truck, only I did not go with the adjustable angles or whatever, since its only for me and I designed the angle to fit best in my use case. I can drop some pics when I get home.

P.S. I personally never liked the way many people adjust belt tension by sliding the whole motor forwards/backwards. Using slots for motor mounts makes the structure weaker and the screws that hold the motor are only touching the mount plate on the sides, even with washers its kind of loosey goosey, since they are usually soft-ish. What I am getting at is this - use an idler pulley for tension.


thanks for your reply, I will take these things on-board


Made my first prototype out of MDF



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Great, wait for your finished product, I am going to build my board with Paris v2 too, but think of DIY mount and dremel)

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cool, how are you going to attach it to the truck?

Using Dremel to adjust holes and trucks itself. Do not have mount yet, so going to think about it later, when I get it.

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