DIY Mud flaps, my attempt

My first post here, saw another post about mud flaps, and saw a DIY on instructables…i think… at any rate just a coule quick pics as im in the midst of recording the process but what do you think? I wanted something that didnt cover the front and back of deck but something that looked a bit more like it was meant to be there and rolled up from the bottom…

light mock up not pinned all the way down yet…

If you have access to a 3D printer you can print these. Electric Skateboard Wheel Guard / Mud Guard

I designed these to be as clean as possible. Becuase I printed them the same colour as the wheels you hardly notice them. I only run them on the front wheels, I don’t seem to get dirty from the rear wheels.


i dont have a priniter…BUT THOSE AER FRESH AS F… thats the best shit ive seen so far… and yes the same its more the fronts that getting me wet and the rears not so much =)

This is just fantastic! I never thought about mounting guards this way. Looks very clean, doesn’t weight anything and removable. Wow.

Wooo now we can all skate in the rain

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i just have to say ive had the flaps on the last couple days as i ride around manhattan making deliveries…and today i splashed the small puddle from who know wheres and the water kick out to the side like a thing of beauty!! and my pants are still clean =)

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It was probably garbage juice …


Those mud flaps are great. I live in SF, so not that much rain, but awesome none the less.

Would you happen to have some for 83/87/90/97 etc. Abecs? :slight_smile:

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and 107 ABECs

today i hit a small amount of garbage juice while making deliveries…it def fucking stunk bad! so bad i had to stop at a starbucks and towel wash my board off…, one ride in the elevator and I knew my shit stank! lol

For a short time, you had the only electric skateboard that wasn’t a chick magnet ha ha ha

Looks like these would also prevent wheel bite? I don’t know how useful that would be.

actually lol, some asian chick on sat night on a bike was like “nice board” while we were at a red light… had my gopro dive light/headlight blazing … we cut up for a second… but its actually funny…most girls are like “how cute it has a bright headlight” now…pimpin with a helmet on… #nextlevel

which? mine or his? mine…no issue so far and close to zero investment beside time…

@jdnicholson is what I was referring to.

They will kinda stop wheel bite. It’s only 3d printed so I suspect if your carving that hard to get bite you will prob crush the plastic between the board/foot and wheel. Always a good idea to print in abs or stronger plastic.

man nice work- i need 83 abecs and have very little idea of cad file design :smiley:

83mm abecs would still fit. The clearance would suit up to prob 86mm wheels.