DIY Onewheel parts list + questions

Hi, im I’ve made a list of the parts that I plan to use for my DIY Onewheel and was wondering if someone could take a look and see if im missing anything + answer a few questions.


Parts list:

Motor: Fungineers SuperFlux 6 inch Hub Motor

Tyre: Hossier XR tyre

VESC: Spintend 75V/100A VESC w/ IMU

Footpad sensor: Fungineers Stompies

Batteries: 16s/2p or 16s/3p Samsung INR21700-30T cells

BMS: Don’t know which


Will be buying a 3d printer and spot welder, but I have all the other tools that I will need so I will be making the footpads and 3d print myself. Will also be buying aluminium U-profile for the rails and drilling the holes myself. I have also come up with a design that should keep everything from overheating.



  1. What BMS should I get that can handle 16s/3p?

  2. Can I have the cells divided in between the two compartments? (32 cells in the back, 16 cells in the front)

  3. Will I need something like a OVP or resistor too limit the power coming back from the motor when using regenerative braking going downhill? I will be riding down a ~2km gentle hill almost every day half the year (ofc up too but I don’t think that will be a problem) If so what do I need?

  4. Does anyone have all the measurements for the XR and GT rails? (preferably in cm)

I have done some more research and found this bms from LLT, however I cant find a “P -” port on it so im not sure how I would wire it up in that case. It says on the website that is has over current protection and short circut protection so I assume that I wont need either over volt protection or a resistor. I have found some other bms’ aswell, but most of them are either charge only or have some other problem, and I intend to use the bms for charge and discharge.

I have also seen people put half their battery pack in each compartment in some electric skateboards, so I can only assume that there would be no problem doing this as long as I use the right cables.