DIY Onewheel using cheap Hoverboard parts

Now that I got your attention link to video — get schooled by some young punks seriously if someone smarter than me can upload their firmware to these cheap hoverboard escs which these young guys have already implemented ppm input control and various other setttings we should be able to drive our 5065s and hub motors super cheap no mention of regen braking though any software gurus out there ???

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i’ve changed your title. Completely unnecessary :slight_smile:



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This sounds cool, someone could reuse the chip to make a much slower onewheel.

If this can be done on hoverboard esc should be just easy on any random China esc… intersting

He said like 3 minutes in there was a firmware leak that gave them all of the source code, lol. So they had a lot to start with.

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I book marked to watch it all later - not quite as cool, title should be

‘Some nerds found some Hoverboard esc source and had fun. Thoughts?’ :smile:

ok please change topic to DIY Onewheel using cheap Hoverboard parts

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I came across this video while researching DIY Onewheel from this vidoe

there is no modification to the hoverboard firmware it works as shown however the creation of ht wheel and motors is tricky and the inflation method is in my opinion cumbersome to say the least! so I was thinking of using only half of the hoverboard ouput fets to drive only a single motor from aliexpress (peipei 10inch hub motor & tyre)! was concerned the fets would fail being chinese cheap design as original motors 250-300w. After lot of trawling found someone had successfully overvolted this esc and the FETs are rated to 80A. As shown by ZBLAB given the diameter of 120mm original motors being driven by hoverboard escs with original firmware speeds of up to 20km are possible, the 10inch aliexpress motor is around 130mm dia so should be a slight loss in torque in favor of speed by my thinking and if I can overvolt to 12 or 13s then it all gets better I know others have tried various ways to diy onewheel but the ZBLAB is the least painful and most easy so far, except for the wheel/motor There is one other DIY onewheel possible using cheap or expensive electric unicycle but with the skinny wheel balancing would be tough I think and mounting and dismonuting would require assistance Any thoughts?


great post. Have you made any progress??