DIY Raptor 2 deck with belt drive project. (Open for advice)

Hello everyone, I’m new here and looking to learn on how to make DIY builds and also properly understand the 3d modelling side of parts. Speaking of which, is Maya okay to use for such purposes? As I’m pretty versed with that software, but I’ll learn a new software if necessary for this project. The plan is to move all the parts and components from an older build that I have and place them onto a Raptor2 deck. My friend bought the deck off Alibaba. Of course this will entail that I design and make a new enclosure that will fit with the underside of the R2 deck. My friend is well experienced in esk8 custom builds but he uses Sketchup as his go to 3D software for printing parts which puts me at odds given it’s a different software. Are there any suggestions you could give me before I venture out into the unknown with this project, like for instance the enclosure design. I’m guessing this deck was originally designed for a HUB motor? Would it be ill advised to attach a belt drive motor?

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This deck can work with hub motor or belt drive. The maximum wheels size recommendation is approx 97mm using an 8mm riser.

Any 3D software should be ok for designing parts, I guess you need to export the part you designed into the software that comes with the 3D printer. So just check the 3D printer software to see what it is compatible with.


Raptor 2 Designs - FREE DOWNLOAD

This would sure help OP out no?

no link?

there are some good tutorials on the forums for making enclosures for decks some of them use 3d printed parts as molds but a lot of the time it’s just foam that you shape by hand to get the desired profile and fit to the deck then make a buck from that for fiberglassing.


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Sounds like a waste of foam.

All the raptor files will be uploaded by end of the month


I love my raptors. I don’t care what anyone says. Just need some wheels again.


I’ve been working on a belt drive system on my Raptor 2 that’ll fit with the default enclosure. It is pretty difficult because the board was designed for a hub motor drive or even direct drive. I think I figured out how to achieve the required clearance for the drive train. It isn’t ideal, but it should work. I’m trying to mount two motors inward so I can still use the kick tail. In order to make enough room underneath the enclosure for the driver train, I had to add an equivalent of 3/4” risers and to use 110mm wheels. If you can remake the enclosure to be farther away from the rear truck, you may get away with doing a belt drive without risers and the bigger wheels. Keep us updated on your progress!


Here is the link:{"type"%3A"appDetailShare"%2C"data"%3A{"filterKey"%3A"7.8.2_share"%2C"cacheTime"%3A"1800000"}}&fbclid=IwAR1vPxDaGTEUdAFtkh-rHduvBsPlPBWcUysq8_etXWcfBO_HsTAAORJmIMo

I don’t know this seller, but I’ve seen and held the decks in person and they looked well made.

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I’d love to get hold of the design files, but are they really public domain?

I would try use these files as a base for my own design, rather than just blatantly rip-off off these. Don’t want to get scowled by Enertion or it’s founder :sweat_smile:

Can’t use 120mm Cloud Wheels on this deck then? Too high for this type of deck? Also, I’m considering to install a HUB Motor instead of the originally intended belt drive. Where can I buy a top notch kit with a HUB? I live in the EU.

The clearance with a belt drive on that type of deck will always be higher than if it were with a HUB motor drive? I might revert to the latter then if that’s the case, since I was going to use 120mm wheels.


Don’t think I’ve seen anyone use this one.

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Actually quick correction there, I meant to say the CLOUDWHEEL Donut 105mm wheels.

I’m liking that deck too… with that extra battery space :metal:

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