Diy street carver truck similar to Trampa

Hi, this is my first topic, so be patient with me :joy:.

I want to build a new electric board (something like a street carver) and for this build I want to make the trucks by myself with a CNC milling machine.

The board will mount two 3250W 6374 motors 190 kv and has a 12s4p battery configuration. Later I will build the carbon fiber deck with a little core, hope to post some flex tests soon

Here some pics of the Cad design (I know they are not original, but it’s a first test :grimacing:) I decided to use the Trampa’s hole position, so I can put them on the Trampa decks too. Anyone has any advice?

The trucks are made of aluminium 7075 -Ergal-, while the axles is made of steel. What do you think about them? (springs, retainers and dampas are from Trampa)

My previous build was an electric skateboard, so I don’t have experience with carver board

Thank you guys :sweat_smile:


my advice is to use shoulder bolts as axles, look at Surfrodz