DIY Swappable battery enclosure?

Hi there, I am looking to create a better solution to hold my batteries and VESCs. I was wondering if anyone was willing to share their setups, experiences, advice, etc.?


  • Swappable battery (two 4s 5000mah lipos in series taped together)
  • Aestheticly pleasing
  • Waterproof

Currently, I only have the swappable battery part covered. Has anyone managed to create a setup like this? Has anyone tried cutting a hole in the deck and accessing the batteries through there, instead of opening the enclosure? That seems like the easiest way to hit all of the constraints… thoughts?

Cutting a hole in the deck large enough to take the battery in and out would weaken the deck too much. What you would need is a quick access enclosure. I did something like this on my first build using a clam shell enclosure where half was bolted to the deck and the other half was held on with velcro buckle straps. the only problem I had with it was that it did not keep the road dust out.

Have a look at my build thread. I have tested two potential enclosure setups

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Check the Kangaroo, I have more than 1000 miles on it.

pics here, and reddit post…

Swappable battery, Yes Waterproof, Yes Aesthetically pleasing, maybe not… could be improved

Two more,
works with a flexible deck. Yes very flexible, fits batteries of different sizes without modification. A big plus for me.

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@Namasaki That’s one of the things I was worried about. Do you have some sort of picture? Any ideas to make it waterproof?

@pat.speed That was one of the first threads I looked at :joy: Are either of the enclosures waterproof though?

@rontal Can you explain how that is waterproof? Are batteries unaffected by water or something?

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If it rains, take a page out of my book and stay home I once went like “fuck the rain” and rode on a barely wet road and ate dirt for at least 3 meters due to aquaplaning. The scar is still about as large as the quarter of a dollar note. I repeat, do not ride on wet roads! Building it waterproof is nice to have though, and the swappable feature seems very useful.

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I would like to avoid riding in the rain if possible, at most just riding to bus stops slowly :joy: aquaplaning does sound pretty terrifying on a board! I will certainly try and avoid it though.


Mine was not even dust proof let alone water proof. There are however some clam shell boxes that have an O-ring that seals the mating surface and they are water proof.

I like the idea of having a clear box, kinda like a window on a PC fan. It will also help with monitoring lipo batteries to make sure they aren’t puffing.

Neither of my enclosures are water proof. Splash proof yes but not fully water proof. I think the best option is a lunch box container with snap on sides and a rubber seal

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@pat.speed That’s not very aestheticly pleasing, although it’s definitely the easiest option. At least in my opinion

What about a normal enclosure but instead of bolting it to the deck, use clevis pins

  1. design + 3d print a custom enclosure with abs
  2. acetone smooth it so it looks shiny and smooth
  3. bolt to board with rubber seal

My printer isn’t big enough Unfortunately. 6x6x6in build plate

That could work. Easiest one so far for sure

print in sections then use abs slurry to connect them

True… I wish I could print polycarbonate for that. WAY too expensive

polycarbonate is harder to smooth too.

It’s also significantly stronger, which is worth it to me

What do you think about something like this?

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