DIY Trampa build / Trampa MTB / 12s1p (4 x 3s) / Dual 170kv / Dual FocBox /

Hey all!

After a tone of research and study, I think I’ve got everything i need for a mtb build. A couple of things im concerned about is:

  • Do i need higher than 80a for my bms? / Change the bms config from buildkits?
  • Would the batteries be fine for over 20km? (Hilly inner city riding Melbourne)
  • Do i need to change the vesc settings like in the tab for this setup? If anyone has any recommendations for alt parts that would work better would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Build: (Excel doc)

Thank you all for your help so much info and especially @Namasaki (Started from not knowing much :stuck_out_tongue: )

Go 6384 and save yourself some cash. 6380 fills a niche and is therefore expensive.

You are wiring in series to get 12s, which means you still only have 5000mah which is not nearly enough for 20km. You need at least double that/most likely even more. I needed 15Ah, but I am heavy and tend to ride full throttle allot.

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Aren’t the 6380s by Torqueboards actually 6384 in stator size with a smaller can making it measure to 6380?

Oh ok thanks :slight_smile: So would something like this be better?

Yes…but the price is different. They made a custom motor to fit their trucks, but with trampa you can even fit 8xxx motors. No need for an expensive custom motor size.

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Something like that. Your only determining factor might be how deep your pockets are and how long you are willing to wait. APS takes up to 4 weeks.

Oh damn, im not really sure where to look for sensored motors if you have any thoughts? im in Australia for site reference.

Every diy project with a vesc requires a complete setup from beginning till the end. Don’t forget your remote failsafe either, it could save your life or that of others around you.

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:joy::joy::joy: Only if the motors on stock… Waiting already 10 weeks for my 6374 and 6384 motors from aps. They wrote 6weeks if they on back order. Hopefully they will ship today, than another two weeks for delivery and we made it to 3month and the end of the summer…

Yeah, I’m going by what they told me via email. Looks like real life experience is even worse :laughing:

yeah you’re right didn’t realize it was going to be a full Trampa deck and trucks. definitely go bigger then without the same constraints as the Tb218 trucks for motor sizes

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Dual 6374 is fine by the way. I haul 120kg Uphill off road at 35 km/h. The sk8 from hobbyking is most likely a good match. Personally running SK3 unsensored and it’s holding up over 3000 km now.

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If I understood right, this week they get the new batch of all motors which have been on backorder. So theoretically now is the best time to order :sweat_smile: Just hope they made this time a quality check… Looks like with the last batch of 6384 motors they had some issues :grimacing:


Yah, I’m a bigger fan of the hobbyking motors despite of their smaller sizes.

Is this something you configure in the VESC?

Keep in mind that the aps 63xx motors have a 10mm shaft, most other like sk3/8, torqueboard etc. usually only 8mm. Important to know when you choose your pulley!


Already a bit sad that I didn’t order 4 sk3 motors… guess the 6374 is one of the most reliable motors on the market…unfortunately only unsensored

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No short answer. Simple failsafe is programmed with just the receiver and the remote. You press a button on the receiver and hold the throttle neutral or with a slight brake to save that value. It will then use that value when the remote looses the connection.

Ackmaniac’s vesc firmware also has software level failsafe stages that can be programmed via his vesc tool graphical user interface. Visit the dedicated thread for ackmaniac’s firmware for more info on this, he describes the steps involved.

I’ll check it out thanks for the info!

I was looking into the sk3 motors but sensorless sounds sketch with alot of stop start in the city?