DIY Trampa long 35 E-MTB | Dual VESC SIX | Sensored EMAX GT5345

Man that sucks, mind posting pictures of the vesc damage?

I already packed it in the envelope to send it to chaka, maybe he’ll snap pic. Traces on board simply evaporated, first place is between mosfet source and shunt, near P4 pad. Second one between two mosfets drains, on the opposite side of the board. Ordered 2 new ones, and hope to get this one fixed, I’ll probably install it in my longboard.

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that’s crazy… i don’t think i have heard of that before…

i never have reverse activated though…

Update: I’m still waiting for 2 new VESCs from chaka, (the one damaged will be repaired by him) in the meantime I decided to solve the problem of scratched support brace, I designed new one and milled it out of 12mm thick 7075 aluminium. It just needs to get anodized New one has 2 casters on bearings, it acts as wheelie-bar in drag racing :smiley:


that is so cool! i love seeing new ideas.

IT’S ALLIIIIVEEEEEE! Received VESCs from @chaka yesterday. Today I made myself one of the best birthday gifts ever :wink: Trampa is up and running again!


that is awesome!!! i love the wheelie bar… can’t wait to get mine built…

Sweet! Like how your builds are so well finished :ok_hand:t2:


And here is my new charging set up, the best thing is the PSU cost me arround 50$ (1200W):

I just came back from 14km long ride, I charged each cell to 4.18V, and after this distance I finished with 45.5V on a display so arround 3.8V per cell, decent stats :smiley:


Best lawn mower EVER!

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Thanks mate! I reached 66.6 km/h on this lawn mower from hell!


Bloody fantastic !!!

The build is awesome! Just one thing about the max speed, unfortunately, the speed tracking because is GPS based, is not reliable when you invert direction, the GPS thinks that you traveled forward more than you actually did and then at the end of the inversion, when it re-picks the signal after the position adjustment you get increased lenght traveled, thus increased speed and that massive spike in the chart, I guess your max speed on flat and smooth ground is around 45km/h maybe? Which is still impressive for me considering that I freak out on flat ground at 30 km/h already :slight_smile:

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You’re right, I came to the same conclusion after all… Need to test it on a straight road to measure max speed, I’m curious how fast it can go.

Hey @squad how are those motors holding up. …was just on @barajabali build and u came up and I was curious on your thoughts on them

They’re good, however, when reaching top speed get noisy.

Do you mean “coulometer”? Which one did you use? Are you happy with your one?

Yep, that’s correct. I like it, it shows current, voltage, and used Ah. I changed shunt that came with the coulometer with smaller one, so I could fit it in my electronics case (You can change shunt resistance in settings to adjust it in order to measure current properly). I used this model

Do you have the 50V or 100V Version? Because you have 12S =50,4V fully charged

I went for 100V version, just because it’s like You said, at fully charged batteries it’s over 50V.