Diyeboard 10s5p dual belt

Hey I know a lot of people don’t like this kit but it is my first esk8 and it got me into the hobby which I absolutely love so far and it’s been a great start. So my question is I don’t like the gear pulley for the wheels due to it seeming to not fit basically any larger wheels I’m looking at. Does anyone know if I can switch out the gear pulleys to a better set with more larger wheels options or not? Thanks in advanced.

possibly but I don’t think you can raise the teeth count very much because the mounts are so short. Better off making one from parts

Well that’s what I was wondering , I’ve got caliber II trucks now, some dickho mounts on the way and I got some 90mm flywheel clones but the wheel gear doesn’t quite fit. So wasn’t sure if someone had done the swap or if it’s easy as buying a new gear set and swapping over or not

The pulley doesn’t fit the wheels or trucks?

The diyeboard pulley doesn’t fit the wheel. It’s just a tad bit too thick

Dicky has cheap wheel pulleys, you can also print them

Really? I’ll have to look into that. Unfortunately I don’t have access or know anyone with a printer in my area

There are a few people who sell them here, just search around

Appreciate the input and quick response man, I’ll take a look around

if you do your going to have to recalculate the belt size, the 250mm belts that come with the kit wont work

that kit is 13:36 right?

11:36 i beleive.

Damn…BNB can’t calculate for 11T

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Seems like motor gear is 13t and the wheel gear is 35t with 50t belts 250-5. Not sure I used the calculation website and it seemed off. 2.33:1

the wheel pulley’s gotta be 36t, recount?

Supposedly the center to center is around 60mm and a 13T pulley has a pitch diameter of 20mm so anything with a pitch diameter of less than 100mm should fit, that means anything up to 60T in theory


hmm, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

my kit had 36t so im not even sure anymore, @ZachTetra mind counting?

In fact I do mind, it’s buried under a pile of dirty laundry and god knows what else. Point still stands you can probably buy a 44T and use that, max is probably 64 before the pulleys touch

:roll_eyes: a bit large don’t you think? 40t should be enough id say