DIYEboard 10s5p Dual Drive Belt Kit - Bustin Robot 41" - ABEC 11 90MM 75A - BONES Reds - Paris Basteplates -

Hi Guys,

I just built my first board using info I learned from this forum. I love it! Using the newest revision of parts from DIYEboard (faster, more reliable, better QC) , but was able to build it all for under $700. I’ve hit 30-31 mph top speed on a flat ( I weigh 143lbs) and there was a bit more to go but I got scared. The furthest I’ve gone is 18 miles and still had 43% battery left. Here is the parts list

Bushings - Paris/Diyeboard Barrel to Barrel Mix Bearings - BONES REDS Wheels - Abec 11 flywheels 90mm 75a Trucks - Paris Baseplates/Diyeboard Hangars Deck - Bustin Robot 41" Wheel Pulley - Diyeboard 35T/13T Motor mount - DIYeboard Dual belt drive kit Belt - Diyeboard 12mm Motor Pulley - Diyeboard 35T/13T Enclosure - Diyeboard 10s5p enclosure Controller - 2.4Ghz V.2 Electric Remote control ESC - Diyeboard V2.1 ESC Motor - Dual 5055 270kv


Well done mate looking good

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cool:이를 드러내고 웃다:

Hi guys,

I wanted to share a video my friend and I took while cruising the boardwalk yesterday. We were having fun with an e-biker. Starting at about 2:00 minutes, I accelerate up a hill then do a long stretch top speed run up a small hill, shows you the power of this board. Go pro footage of my tail wind and my friends front view.

Board Reference:

Friend: Evolve Carbon GT 91mm ABEC 11 Top Speed 26mph Me : DIYEboard 10S5P Belt Kit - 90MM Top Speed 30+

Boardwalk ride

@Benihana Did you have to do any mods to get the ABEC 11 90mm on that kit from DIYEBoard?

No, they are a direct replacement and fit without any issue.

Hey, how is the kit holding up?

Still running good. I just upgraded to the new 4 speed remote that I have yet to try out, but it will help with the speed disparity going from level 1 to level 2.


NIce build but what brought the price of this board to $695 dollars? Excluding the board itself, the same dual motor kit, 2 3000 mah 6s lipo batteries, and esc/ controller kit from diyeboards it came to about 325 shipped.

This is the kit that I purchased: .

This is my cost breakdown:

Bearings - BONES REDS $20 Wheels - Abec 11 flywheels 90mm 75a $90 Trucks - Paris Baseplates/Diyeboard Hangars $25 Deck - Bustin Robot 41" $70 DIYeboard Dual belt drive kit $468

468+20+90+25+70 = $673 + I purchased extra belts and replacement drive shaft bearings. i already replaced 3 belts since I purchased it.

@Benihana Thank you for the information! I recently bought the same kit from diyeboard and my question is if I can use the orangatang kegel wheels with the 10s5p kit from diyeboard? I was thinking about buying the kegel wheel pulleys

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Think you should be able to if you got a new pulley