Diyeboard belt truck + drop through deck, not enough clearance?

Uh oh did I buy the wrong deck :confused: I don’t believe these tucks are adjustable

Anything I can do?


Just topmount it…

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Gah, was looking forward to having a drop through set up

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I have a kick tail if you to trade for it. It just has a lot of holes in it from drilling holes. You can always carbon fiber over it. Totally understand if you don’t want it, just throwing it out there

Put the 100mm mbs wheels on it. Or bottom mount and a riser pad.

I think I have your same deck. Bamboo top and bottom drop through from skateshred.

Noticed the same thing. My first dropthrough and yea you’d have to mount your trucks like a normal top mount. Is it just really low or is it actually scraping on flat?

Another alternative is mark where the motor is on the decks underside. And sand a couple plys down. The more snug fit you can get the arc the stronger the deck should stay. Probly gotta go down the width of the deck too for when you turn and lean.

I might do this myself because I really do like how low the deck is.

Or just mount the back

@lukeyluke I don’t think I can remove the mounts on my kit trucks, they’re glued down. So I’m gonna have to top mount :confused:

The only way I see you keeping your drop-through setup and having enough clearance is by putting a couple of washers in the rear bolts in-between your deck and your track plate…

The angle might get screwed but it’ll give your motor mounts just about enough clearance :wink:

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I am guessing you can’t reverse mount the motors? :confused:

@Ixf nope :frowning:

I ordered a new deck for now, this is my first build so I’ll save the drop mounted deck for my sequel build when hopefully by then I’ll be building a full DIY build with adjustable motors

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I feel you man first build’s almost like you are paying tuition to learn. The end result would be worth it though! nothing like having something you can truely call your own.

Did you put the braided sleeves on the cables yourself or do they come like this?

They came like this

You can! I was bored one day so i decided to take the mounts off and repaint them, tried for the fun of it to reverse mount one worked like a charm.


Cool, Will try that on my board. Thanks for the tip.

It only worked for one or you only wanted to reverse one?

I want to reverse mine when they arrive because I will most likely have problems fitting the battery enclosure if the mount face to the front.

Will work with both just fine :slight_smile: Only did this for fun on mine, since they aint easy to take apart i cant really take a new picture.

aint easy to take apart

How easy? Is it save to plan to reverse them or risky to rely on it? :smiley:

Just a heatgun on it but it can chip some of the paint of and i painted mine since my entire board is for sale so yeah.

But a heatgun on it until you notice some smoke and its easy to take off just take all screws out before and turn it a little around and clean the old glue off and apply new glue and install it the other way :smiley:

Okay, that sounds do able. Thanks for the info