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6’’ 150*50mm 70A All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Longboard Skateboard Wheels 150mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 70A super-high-rebound urethane. Size: 150mm x 50mm Wheels Hardness: 70a All-terrian Wheel for off-road Electric Skateboard Item shop link:


Could be cool? :sunglasses:
Look nice and square, especially after some use.

How do they look after lots of use,
Have you got a old worn set?

Do they have a weight or speed rating?

& what sort of hubs do they suit?


I’d be interested in a set of black wheels pending more info. My concern is rolling resistance.

I’d also like to know what hubs these will fit?

The biggest issue with other offerings on the market is that bearing size and the corresponding trucks required to fit certain bearings.

If these are offered with a hub design that is 22mm bearing, that would fit caliber trucks, you’ve got something cool here.


ok are you just selling the wheels? what about cores for these wheels? are they included? if so do they fit 8mm axles? and their width?

what about pulleys? if pulleys, what’s their spec (tooth count, width, material, etc).

I think what happened is I shared a pic of the wheels here from another thread (I think the folding board thread) and then diyeskateboard through up this topic because some interest was shown…

poor guy is getting hammered with questions now :joy:

It will be interesting how they hold up, I mean even with a solid wheel chunking especially on a offset lip is some what common with soft duro solid wheels…

Need to give a set to Whitepony to carve the crap out of with heaps of lateral load to see what happens?
you know for science :wink:


Probably the best idea :joy:

@diyeboard what’s the inner diameter of these wheels? I wonder if they could fit tramba hubs :sunglasses:

Are the holes just for weight saving or is there any shock absorbing effect?

Looks mad! :heart_eyes:

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thank you for your question, we just finished the first production, time will tell and we will show everyone how will it be after riding for weeks later.
so far so good.
light weight and suit only with our own hubs.
will update details weeks later

rolling resistance we can’t specifically say how much but so far so good in riding performance, suit for all kinds of city road, feels good on feet

Will you be selling wheel+hub kits for 8mm axles?

it fit our own hubs.
we are reaching your said point, will finally make it 8mm axle diameter to suit most of the longboard trucks.

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Looking forward to your product. Please make sure that it either:

a. Will have similar attachment for wheel pulley as other offerings on market


b. You will create your own selection of various wheel pulleys to fit common belt width and teeth.

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we are factory showing here to let followers and builders you pros know what we got in progress, we are not ready to sell the wheels for now, we need to do further improvement on the wheels hubs to make it better looking and compatable with builders’ own trucks.
so far we make it 10mm axles, but we will finally make it 8mm, so for now they only fit our own truck, the 9 inch truck.
for detailed information follow us on our site to get updated by newsletter subscribe.
thank you

feel free to share photos and links, we are open for builders and we aim at helping builders wolrd not just let them pay us.
we have a similar dream with you guys, do it by yourself and make your own special board as you like.

you know well, both our concern, weight saving and shock absorbing, most important is the convenience for users, life time no no cares for the wheel flat. so far designed only to fit with our onw truck and hubs, finally will make it fit most regular longboard trucks. need time. so trampa we don’t know if it can work well or not.

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we probabally will sell the whole set kit with trucks and drive wheels and hubs mounted, because we just finished the first production we need time to make them suit for regular longboard trucks, we will try to make it happen asap.
keep following us here or our website.

we will consider them well, thank you for your concern and advices, helps alot, always share and help more builders, it is our duty. thanks guys.

If you did these between 4-5" I’d be interested, otherwise, not interested :confused:

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will 4’’ 5’’ too small for all terrain board? Mbs is of this size I think, maybe we will make a new mold to make a MBS like similar size all terrian wheels with concave profile to absobe more shocks and apply more riding road conditions.

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Say 4.5" but with more give in the rubber. But not too much that it affects rolling resistance.