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I would estimate around 18 km where the last two will be very slow. Main issue of the cells used is that it starts to crumble at around 38v, offroad even around 39V where higher amp packs keep going. I have registered a voltage sag of 3V at 40V during a hill climb at 50A battery amps, which is massive. For comparison, my 4x 8000 mah 30c packs have a voltage sag of 0.7V under identical conditions with battery amps set at 100A.

There are no standard pavements around here that would not get you killed (all 80-100 km/h zones without bicycle lanes).


@diyeboard hey jason ! If The spare 90 mm hubs are ordered are they the newer upgraded pu version ?

Hi, if it can help I asked the same in a past email: Short answer yes they are the new ones.

Hi, Thanks for your email. To your questions:

  1. we are scheduled to sell it on April, but we may not sell 10s3p 30Q flat pack.
  2. there’s no upgrade for now, esc same as we sell on our site. remote no change.
  3. we already upgraded the pu sleeve.
  4. all upgrade will officially updated on forum and our site after CNY holiday, for now we can’t assure any change or upgrade. Thanks for your attention, we focus on our currently selling items. Regards, Jason Email: [email protected] Store: is your ultimate source for high quality and high performance Electric Skateboard and DIY parts.

Hi Jason! I know thee sping festival/new year is really close, so sorry to bother you now. I am subscribed to esk8.buldier and reddit forums and I would need to ask you something for my upcoming project. I was looking to your components. I just would like to ask you few questions: (I will be focus on hub motros parts) 1- When will you start to sell the 10s3p Sansung 30Q flat pack with 60A BMS built in? It has been mentionend few time in your tread before Christmas. 2- Is the new ESC 50A or the double VESC available (if possible with the new Boosted looks like remote)? I need it for dual hub motor system. 3- Is your hub motors update to the more resistant PU (hub motor (like Meepo, since they buy from you). 4- Are you planning to sell them in a upgraded kit? Thank you very much! Enjoy the New Year! Keep up the good work as you are doing. Best regards,

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General question on shipping times on the diyeboards battery and dual belt motor, is it about three weeks? I’m based in Melbourne Australia right now, so figure within a month it should all arrive?

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Hi Jason, how long do the “specials” stay on offer for?

over xmas I bought a pair of their 500w hubs to replace my meepo set… so meepo was 250 x 2 and now im at 500 x 2… im not sure what i was expecting but some sort of improvement but maybe not crazy torque like a boosted or something… so far the ride is a bit better…smoother on uphill climbs where the meepo would sag on my ride home…these hubs just keep going (assuming the battery isnt empty)…and carving down a street is better as well…i noticed on the meepo hubs hitting debris and pebbles would stutter the board…where as these hubs keep powering through…


Thanks for sharing! Anyhow I think on paper meepo is 250W x 2 and these ones are 500W x 2 as nominal power. I bought them I will update here once I try them.

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I’m in Sydney and I got my motors and esc delivered in like a week. It was super fast!! Not sure about battery. I assume it would be slower or they will post it seperate.

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On the website they say 5 days part, 10 days battery. They come separately.

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Are you using the original meepo esc with the diyeboard hubs, or did you get another esc as well?

Hi guys (or women),

Do you thinks the 10s5p will fit under this kind of board ?

(To be honest, I don’t think so, but if someone has some feedback with that ;D)

almost no chance that will close with a 5p enc on there

it won’t fully close. You think abouta last mile transportation with that set up. Maybe a 10s1p or 6s2p if you want more range over power

Nah, you’re right. I don’t really care about the folding process as much as i thought.

Thanks for the answer :smiley:

your right, my brain wasnt working that was what i meant

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For a Chinese based company your prices are quite bad…

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Thanks for you comment, this helped me out

Is anyone using diyeboard’s 180KV N6354 Outrunner Motor? Thinking of using them on my trampa build so any input on them would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can you link a better source please?