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Are you using the original meepo esc with the diyeboard hubs, or did you get another esc as well?

Hi guys (or women),

Do you thinks the 10s5p will fit under this kind of board ?

(To be honest, I don’t think so, but if someone has some feedback with that ;D)

almost no chance that will close with a 5p enc on there

it won’t fully close. You think abouta last mile transportation with that set up. Maybe a 10s1p or 6s2p if you want more range over power

Nah, you’re right. I don’t really care about the folding process as much as i thought.

Thanks for the answer :smiley:

your right, my brain wasnt working that was what i meant

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For a Chinese based company your prices are quite bad…

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Thanks for you comment, this helped me out

Is anyone using diyeboard’s 180KV N6354 Outrunner Motor? Thinking of using them on my trampa build so any input on them would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can you link a better source please?

@moon I get that but where do I need to go to get the deelz :grimacing:

I mean you have to look around :wink:

This site isn’t stupidly overpriced

Yea I wouldn’t buy from them no more

Like what?

Never had a bad experience with theese for the few orders I’ve placed, also delivery and response has been really good.

Where do you look though. I only really know to look at: Alibaba, eBay, diyelectricskateboards, Amazon, diyeboard, and the ones mentioned in the New sticky

Click on the google link a couple of posts ago.

I am not sure of anything. I am just presenting information

Alibaba Taobao 1688

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yes i wanna know too!

This is fake news. HiChina is popular chinese domain registrar. Therefore a lot of websites come up when you google it, including trading companies. Regarding diyebaord I’d say they assemble something in house but most of the parts are sourced outside and something is custom made. Nothing wrong with it though; it is actually very inefficient to make everything in house.

…and I think you should remove this post

which is defamatory for no reason.

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yeah moon needs to remove that and watch what he says, alot of that is unfounded and without proof is defamatory and could get him in trouble…