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I don’t have much of the DIYEboard stuff left in this build, just the ESC/Motors, it’s been really hot here in Toronto and I go max speed for extended periods of time. I’m not sure if want to drill holes on the enclosure. The board not ready (since the pic I have some idlers and belt covers) still gonna wrap the cables in flexible cable wrap instead of tuck tape but currently like this:


is that a metal case? if so you could use it as one big heat sink :slight_smile:

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It’s aluminum, not the best for dissipating heat but that’s a good idea, should help! Any ideas on how to connect the esc to the case to get the heat sink effect?

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you could stack thermal pads. how big is the gap?


I didn’t think it was over heating because it will do it one block after starting my first ride. Voltage still 39.5. I’m going to add a heat sink and cut a hole. Wish I knew how to add a fan. Not sure where to get 12v on this circuit.

Anyways they are sending me another Esc, I’ll post my results if it fixes the issue.

PUBLIC safety announcement. Be careful with the trucks on these kits. This happened to me at 30 plus mph (45kmh) the trucks snapped. This isn’t the first reported case of this.



Impossible to tell what weight would be safe. From the looks of it, there are gas bubbles in the aluminum cast. The break looks uneven with bubbles in it. That means that depending on the accidental structure of the bubbles, the truck will be relatively strong or weak. Then there is the unknown if these trucks are heat treated.

Cheap parts are cheap for a reason.

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Can you post a high resolution close up photo of the fracture ?

I want to examine it as aerospace parts point of view (like at work). Its can also be high cycle fatigue, wrong material used for the application,stress point at manufacturing or poor desing …

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I have the same trouble here !

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Agreed 10char

I can chime in here and say I had the same issue with the truck snapping at the same spot, on a rough road. Happened at about 25kmhr, ended up with nasty bump on the head for a week. @electrickiwi if you haven’t already, you can contact DIYeboard and get a free replacement

I’m using the dual belt drive and I seem to have a lot of resistance pushing, a magnitude higher compared to my other belt drives using Torqueboard components. The drive is also REALLY noisy when rolling!

I already lubed the bearings (including the flanged bearing) which helped very slightly, but the main issue seems to be misalignment of the gears causing significant noise. Anyone else have this issue?


I think a bigger deal needs to be made about these trucks. This is something that should NEVER happen, DIYeboard needs to take these products down and fix their shit

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Now… I’m worried now just purchased A/T kit. Hope won’t eat dirt or worst while riding it.

Thanks for posting up. Exact same area I experienced the breakage. They are trying to charge me for postage. But when your product fails like this, it should be full free replacement. And plus I have lost confidence in the parts.

And yes they are cheaper parts than general market value, but I would expect an ESC or motor to fail before a structural failure like this




One of the issues I experienced with noise is the metal spacer in the wheel between the bearings. I put grease in there to help the noise on the metal spacer. Another factor for noise is the belt cover, this needs torqued down on the two belts, as this can rattle a lot.

In regards to rolling resistance, i only experienced more when I put the idler bearing in

@diyeboard hi Jason I approached yourselves through email, and you have offered a free replacement on the trucks, if I pay for postage I thank you for the offering.

But I think from a liability point of view, the trucks are suffering catastrophic failures on more than one occasion, as referenced above. To avoid negligence and to help save someone’s life, especially if the truck hangar failed at speed, I think a recall on these parts would be reccomended. It would be terrible if a product you offer caused serious injury to a young person and caused injuries for life or a death.


After being seriously injured you’re only getting a free replacement?