DIYEboard Dual belt motors, Metr module, 2.4g Nano remote (FLIPSKY)

Bought a DIYEboard kit, used it for a month or so. The ESC died so I tried my hand at replacing it with a Flipsky 4.20, found out I’m more interested in the skating than the DIY. Selling all the components. Shipping is not included in pricing and is at buyers cost. Happy to provide pics and shipping estimates on request. Will update as things sell.

Shipping from Portland, OR 97214


NEW - Flipsky 2.4ghz Nano remote - $25

Dual FSESC4.20 100A - $120 SOLD

DIYEboard 10S5P 360WH Battery w/enclosure and charger - $120 SOLD

DIYEboard belt motors/trucks - $100

Metr Pro Module - $45

Links to original items:

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Huh? Am I way off with the pricing?

Your not off with pricing, it’s just diyeboard, is not a reputable company and is a known scammer, @Bobby Is laughing because of his bad experience with them


Sorry. I shouldnt derail your sale thread like that. The flipsky dual is actually priced well!


ahhhh ok. thanks. yeah i was not impressed with their recommended solution of “buy another ESC from us! half price!” when i asked for help with my first failed one.

@Bobby - ha, no worries. appreciate the feedback. open to price suggestions on the other parts!

Where was this last week…I wanted something exactly like this…

metr pro module for $65aud shipped to Sydney 2156 Australia? :grin::grin::grin::grin: