Diyeboard kit question?

was initailly interested in a meepo but then saw this kit diyeboard has anyone used this site before from uk? were you charged import tax or vat? also is this a good kit, it states 30-40km range…?

The meepo hubs and the airless AT wheels are pretty good. I have not tried that kit but the one a little more expensive than that has tolerance and alignment issues. Not so bad it can’t be ridden but not as smooth as their 90mm hub drives.

Go with their 90mm hub drive and 10s5p battery kit for a simple board that will last 1-2 years till things start falling apart.

i was going to get a hub motor but the wear and need for replacing would be after a few months maybe a year and the cost would add up to more than the kit to maintain. i can also change the wheels for larger ones as well. would you say the range is realistic?

No matter which board you get, something is going to have to be replaced in 1-2 years if you get it from It is cheap for a reason, lower quality materials don’t last. For the hub motors it is the hubs. For the belt motors its the belts and pulleys. Either way the battery is only going to last 2-3 years anyway if you ride it constantly. If you want something to last 10+ years, you have to spend 4-10 times your budget, and batteries will never last past their charge cycles.

Try a belt drive before you buy. Not all belt drives are as smooth as a boosted. Meepo hubs are cheapish to replace if you only have to do it every couple of years. Also if your belt breaks you lose your brakes and then you better know how to foot slide.

Just look for parts from the uk/eu they pop up on here all the time…I will have 2 enertion motor mounts,2 enertion wheel pulleys and enertion trucks listed soon.

but belts and pulleys are cheaper than hub motors surely?

But how often do you change them? If you are going cheap go hub. It is very expensive to get quality alignment and perfectly balanced wheel pulleys. It will work with the cheap stuff, but things just break a lot easier, a lot more taking things apart putting them back together.

If you only ever want to work on your board to change the hub motors ever couple of years then go hub. Belts and pulleys that are low to the ground like with electric skateboards take a lot of punishment and need constant maintenance.

I think at the low end price point, hubs are safer and easier to use.

I think at all price points, hubs are easier. They are easy to maintain, as there’s little you need to do to keep them going. Belt drives require constant maintenance.

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wondering what consists of maintenance? is it just replacing the belt?

i was looking to get a better board as i have a single hub motor eskateboard which isnt great at doing slight hill climbs and a meepo would possibly be the same

Making sure the belt stays tight. Loosening the motor to re tighten the belt. You have to do it a lot with the cheaper stuff, less so with the super nice expensive stuff, but infinity more than a hub. Because with hubs it either works or its broke and you fix it.

The 90mm meepo hubs seem pretty decent. I like them a lot.

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Motor mounts and wheel pulleys, espically cheap one, can be hard to align properly. This can lead to belts rubbing on the wheel or the motor mount, causing them to break. You’ll need to replace belts every now and again (depends on your motor mount alignment alignment and a bunch of other factors) at a minimum. Worst case, your breaking belts every fews days.

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I disagree,I have seen so many problems with hubs on here,my belt drive needed belts replacing every 4-6 months,every thing else was secured with high strength loctite and I didn’t have to touch it! No over heating problems with motors,it would climb any hill I came across with ease!

@evoheyax @Jreamer thanks for your replies ill mull it over for a few more days and do more googling :slight_smile:

I don’t know what hubs your talking about, but this problem is in the past for me.

With all the hubs up until the last few months, yes. But users can now buy multiple hub motors that are basically maintenance free.

Maybe your better at aligning things than others? Some people have no issues with getting things aligned, I spent many hours with my enertion motor mounts and never was able to get them aligned correctly.

If its 10s5p it should be a lot more wh

This is not a hub v belt thing. Its a cheap hub vs cheap belt thing.

He was talking about “cheap” hub motors saying they are more maintenance free than belt drive…that’s where I disagree! Cheap hubs will fail and you will be pulling them apart! I was simply pointing out my belt drive board just needed new belts…that’s it! I know hubs have come a long way now but the good ones are not “cheap”

Yeah I get that but from what I have read/seen people say cheap hubs are shit!

It takes a bit of practice but I didn’t find it too hard with the enertion mounts you simply move the motor back or forth,if you still have problems then an idle mount is your best option.