Diyeboard kit question?

Have you tried cheap belts?

I have tried both. I like the cheap hubs because I don’t have to fk with them/ worry about teeth slipping(cause imma fat boy) when I’m trying to break.

I had enertion belts brake on me all the time,now I buy from somewhere else and they are just over £3 each and last 4-6 months! I’m heavyish too …gym lad and I eat big,but cheap hubs wouldn’t last for me,too many steep hills where I live,I need reliability! I am very tempted by the new carvons though but my next build now is gona be dual 6365.

I mean cheap belt drive systems. Like cheap motor mounts, cheap wheel pulleys like the one the OP is talking about.

My apologies. That is true

We are working on the triple long motors again. We’re not sure on the pricing but we’re hoping around $225 for a single drive. Pair that with a focbox for ~$150 and some lipos at $100 and you could have a pretty decent, yet cheap build, for under $500 if you make your own enclosures and have a board already.

No iv not tryed cheap mounts pulleys etc,personally it’s not something I would skimp on,its not much more for decent parts that will last,I’m not knocking hubs, hey if you have a product to back,I get it,if someone is light and ride mostly flat ground then I’m sure “cheap” hubs will work fairly well.

The dude asked about cheap stuff. Nice to see you actually address the OP’s question instead of launch into a HUB v Belt debate.

There’s pro’s and con’s with both and it’s mostly to do with how much money you spend,I just don’t agree that belt drive is way more maintenance,from personal experience if it’s setup correct! I think if your trying to keep costs down then good used parts is the best option!

I think u must have been lucky that way. I’ve never had any alignment issues. I’ve seen decent builders who had tons of trouble getting them straight.

I’ve had issues with motor clamps though…tons of issues.