DIYEBoard Kits - Current Experience?

Thinking about purchasing this for my Loaded Vanguard:

It looks like some of the older posts on this forum related to those kits/that site are mixed.

Any experience or insight as to quality? Will I get the quoted range? Any experience with safety issues around brakes/remote cut out?

The claimed range and speed, along with the plug and play aspect, make this somewhat ideal for me, but I’m concerned about safety issues and quality.

Link doesn’t work

It works. ESC instead of VESC means fixed settings. Also it only uses grub screws on a circular mount to hold the motor mounts to the trucks . Their are much better motor mounts available from other sources. (Torque Boards is nice)

The link does work. Give it another shot.

I tried out a set and i would say its so so.

Definitely not as good as a vesc setup.

I think you would be better off getting the battery, enclosure, and run a single motor and vesc setup all for the same price.

Thanks. This is helpful.

So, you’re saying something like this:


It’s a single with a VESC setup, 190kv motor and 12S2P battery, but they’re saying it won’t work well with AT wheels. I need AT wheels and 15 miles of range to make my commute on poor roads.

You can always buy at wheels and a motor mount for it

True. But at a certain price point I’d be more inclined to go with a new Evolve GTX. I know they’re more expensive but for me it’s be worth an additional $500. For $1000 difference I’d go the DIY route.

AT wheels mean dual motor. Like I said not a bad kit on a budget. Will it give you 15 miles? Maybe with the 10s5p. Would be close.