Diyeboard new remote review (compatible with meepo /wowgo)

I just came back from my first test ride with this remote.

I’m talking about this

Note I do not work for them but I can offer a 10% code if you PM me. Everybody likes saving money so it’s worth a mention :slight_smile:

I believe you can pair it with meepo/wowgo type boards. I have a diye AT 6" wheel board. I like the board. (review coming but any quick questions, post below.) but I’m new in the eskate world. The old remote was a total letdown… it made the board dangerous to ride which is a bold statement. The new remote however is a vaaast improvement.

It has 3 ride modes. The old remote had 2 so you can really find your place here. Fast mode feels even faster - I don’t think i’m ready for it after nearly being thrown from my board. For the pros only.

The travel distance has been sorted out. No dead zone! You’re not endlessly pushing up on the remote to accelerate. It’s really responsive.

You really feel a lot more connected to your board, the ride, the ground, the movement. I thought the delay was noticeable before but getting a v2 upgrade remote really solidifies this.

I could always add improvements… LCD display, more comfortable grip etc, but I have to say for the current pice, go grab one now!

Overall, i’m realy happy. I feel like I rediscovered my board again! this is a must have if you have a compatible esc. Jason i’m sure can answer this technical stuff.