DIYelectric skateboard antispark switch failure, any better alternatives?

I accidentally set both of the motors in my dual motor setup to run at 70 amps (each, I know pretty dumb right?) and I think it fried my antispark switch’s mosfets because its stuck on and sparks when i tried to plug the battery back in. Are there any alternatives? could someone make me a custom one? i figured out my motors only need 51 amps max each and the battery is a 10s Li-Ion w/ BMS. Max discharge rate translates to around 40 amps if that helps.

No dude those things are just prone to fail a lot , has nothing to do with your settings , I run 37 bat and 80con amps on my settings without a problem its 2 dual motors aswell . alternative wise u can get a anti spark switch most common and most reliable with xt90 anti apart switch

do you have a kind of antispark switch that you use specifically?

I don’t use any switch if its not from the BMS or I’d use a loop key search loop key hopefully that helps

Hi, I bought an anti spark switch on ebay, I had the non - latching button and put another button on the NC wire and it worked perfectly fine. So I set up the board and went for a ride and 800 meters in power started to cit out, then it came back and I continued to ride, but on my way home (2nd km) power completely cut off and something started to smell. When I rushed home and opened the enclosure I saw that the mosfets had melted a hole in shrink wrap… I don’t know what should I do now. If I had done something wrong or if I should cool it somehow…15566504592414279644416883785934 15566504847895978260481251717062 I had the wires soldered correctly but it just melted…

The button i got (model 6)

Come on. Please stop posting it everywhere…
Measure the output voltage but I’m assuming that one of your MOSFETs is dead.

Well thank you, had to get the attention somehow, won’t do it again… :slight_smile:

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PC power molex connector , i use same.