Diyelectric (TB)6355 Kit VS. diyeboard 6354 + dual belt motor FOC ESC

There is probably a thread somehwere on this, but couldn’t find…

Anyone with experience with these two different setups?



and the V2.1 Dual Belt Motor FOC ESC (plus comes with remote)

Seems like they would produce similar results - however the TB kit has VESC…

Sorry for the noob questions - any help appreciated!

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Noob here too. Been reading builds the past 2 weeks non stop. Wife thinks I’m nuts… I’ve noticed parts from the top link alot more in the builds I’ve been looking at. 6355 seems the go to dual set up for alot of solid builds.

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So just after I posted this - I heard from Jason at diyeboards that the Dual Belt Motor FOC ESC will not support 12s… so i guess that takes it out of the running. Bummed b/c I liked the idea of free remote and the remote actually looks pretty good…

I’ve been looking at these collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv Will work with 12s. From what I’ve read it’s same top speed as 6355, just gets you there faster and will run at top speed a bit cooler.

Yeah, was looking at those too… but they are too wide for my build… marcmt88 put these on just for reference as he was building out the motor mounts.

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I love those mounts with the double idlers

I highly recommend diyelectricskatebaord (@torqueboards) motors. I have both dual 6355 and dual 6374. They are a lot of fun, fast, and loud in BLDC mode (which I like). Shipping and customer service are very good, they are a business (not a hobby) and are a great intro into the esk8 world, at least for me. The torque is nice but be prepared for it when at high speeds :sunglasses:. Dual 6355 was my first build and I got most of my setup from them.