DIYElectric/Torqueboards Caliber 2 Trucks solidworks profile

Good evening y’all

I was wondering if anybody had an accurate profile of the caliber 2 trucks, specifically for motor mounting. I have the height and width, but don’t have a decent way to measure the arcs on each side. Does anyone have dimensions and/or a solidworks drawing for these?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve also struggled with finding the right dimensions. One issue is that the trucks are cast, which means there is some deviation between sets of trucks. I don’t know how big this deviation is so I 3D-printed a ‘gauge’ that I can use to find the bottom arc for my specific truck. I found a value of 10.70 mm to work well.

Keep in mind it’s still 3D printing (printed on Ultimaker 2+) so it’s also not crazy accurate. In a few weeks I’ll CNC-mill my own mounts so then I’ll get a better idea of what the real value is. I’ll post some pics of the gauge soon and I can also upload the gauge file if you’re interested.

As for the top arc, I haven’t really looked at it yet. With my mockup mounts I don’t really notice that there is one. What you could do is use some kind of thin rubber strip/tape between your mount and truck to fill up any gaps so you’ll have better grip. What kind of clamping style will you use?

20190220_124629 20190220_124750

These numbers are the radii in mm


Thanks for the reply!

I may snag your idea and print a little wheel to measure the radii as well. Specifically on the trucks I have, the top portion has a small radius of curvature while the other 3 sides have a very slight and large radii of curvature (for now I’ve idealized those sides as just being flat).

I’ll update with pictures on how it goes once I print one of those to measure the radii.

As for mounting style, I was going to use a system similar to the one FatBoy uses on his drives shown below. Essentially, the wheel holds the mount in place.