's Epower battery 12s1p a123 26650

12S1P A123 26650 EPOWER Electric Skateboard Battery diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/12s1p-a123-26650-epower-electric-skateboard-battery/

What am I missing here? Does anyone have the dimensions of the pack itself? all I see is:

A123 26650 Specs Nominal Voltage: 3.3v Nominal Capacity: 2.3A Standard Charge: 3.6A Max Charge: 10C Max Allowable Charge Voltage: 4.2v Charge voltage is 3.6 volt Max Discharge: 30C (Continuous) Burst Discharge: 60C Weight: 70g Dimensions: 66.5mm x 26mm

I’m pretty sure it’s just the cells

But the site says 12S1P Does that mean they are just selling 12 26650 batteries at $299.00???

I honestly don’t know, its quite confusing. Email him and update us.

These are also the older generation of A123 cells with only 2300mAh capacity. This is definitely a built battery pack considering 12 cells costs around $150.

Just talked to them.

They are in a pack with a BMS but w/o an on/off switch (however future versions will have one.) the dimensions are 30mmx150mmx308mm (1.2in x 6in x 12.2in)

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just talk to my man Dexter (: