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Diyelectricskateboard battery-epower-pack-10s3p new for sell

Hi guys I’m selling a brand new battery from battery-epower-pack-10s3p + charger never use work 100% here are some pic And I have also Carvon singel hub motor as well !!! Everything 100% new!! I know this is crazy but I cannot afford to complete my build :frowning: so guys let me know if you’re interested

What’s your asking price?

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I’'ll give you a case of maple syrup!

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Also interested if you have a price in mind?

200$ for battery 10sp3 + Carvon singel hub motor new !! And if you whant to send me maple syrup all take it lol

I’ll take them. Pm’d

Sorry guy sold out!!! But you guys can still send me the maple syrup Thanks :slight_smile: cheers

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Lol you sold it too cheap good deal. Lot of people would have paid a lot more

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Your so lucky, I was going to buy it for my first build!! Are you willing to sell?

I didn’t get it! Lol someone else was the lucky one

I asked for it, thought I would get it since I replied first, but I guess someone else pm’d first: p

We’re all thirsty for it lol


It’s an amazing deal