DiyElectricSkateboard Battery Modifcation?

Hello. I have a DiyElectricSkateboard 12s 3p battery pack. I am thinking about making a board with trampa deck and trucks. I would really like to make that battery pack flexable in one or two positions. I was thinking about opening up the pack and using some 12 gauge wire in the middle in place of the maybe nickel plates in between the cells. I would do this so I could make the pack flex with the deck. I was windering if this would be possible. I was not sure if I could do this? I think I could with using a soldering iron because it would not be very many connections? What do you guys think?

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you are going with an eboosted trampa enclosure?

we need to find some pics of that battery unwrapped, you might have to cut it down to the Pgroups to ideally configure it.

@Fosterqc I will probably make my own enclosure, probably a design like this ( What do you mean by Pgroups (like cell groups)? I was thinking about splitting the battery into three sections. I would like to keep most of the battery connection nickel (which I assume what they use) and the sections banded together with 12 gauge wire. Do you think that would work?