Black Friday 🍗

Happy Thanksgiving :poultry_leg: Everyone!

I appreciate the support from everyone in the community and our customers.

I’ve discounted a lot of our most popular products.

Enjoy the savings! Any questions, let me know :slight_smile:




Is the 15mm Kegel pulley kit the same as the 12mm? Also do you sell just the wheel pulley I can’t use the motor pulleys with my motors I plan to use.


That’s a damn good price @torqueboards


Great products @torqueboards and now at incredible prices!!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Wanna do that motor switcharoo? :wink:

Fuk! Must resist dual 6374. Must resist. Learning how to build these damn “toys” was the worst thing ever. So much temptations


@briman05 Yeah, I haven’t added the listing for the 15mm but you can purchase the regular 12mm Kegel and note in the comments that you want the 15mm and we’ll send you the 15mm.

VESC aren’t on sale. But if you want one for a discount, I have a brand new TB VESC for sale for $90 plus shipping/fees. Still in the original packaging. Normally they are $100 + $10 shipping

PM me if interested

What motor?

I have a Jlabs sealed 6374 but want a TB motor to match my other one :wink:

Ahhh, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet, but I’ll prolly buy yours for a single motor build if you decide you wanna sell it.

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Can I do that for the 14T HTD5 9mm Motor Pulley? Also are your 15mm pulleys with an overhang?

@BoostedBuilder - No, unfortunately not. The 14T HTD 9mm are overstock. 14T 15mm is standard like our 16T motor pulleys.

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Oh ok. What about the overhang? Thanks

wut? $300 for a 12s4p complete battery with 30q cells… i had to and i did order 2 6374s… i went a bit crazy i dont even have a deck for this yet lol

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I also went a bit crazy got the 12s4p pack and a bunch of other stuff. Good time to start a new build.

Which overhang part are you referring too?

@torqueboards the fine print says US customers only. Does Canada count?

@Lionpuncher - It does not for battery packs. :cry: Everything else is all game.

I appreciate your response. That’s a great deal for 30q’s. Thanks

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