VESC issues

So I’ll start with a warning, DO NOT BUY the VESC without the warranty. The reason I say this is because I just purchased their VESC, but did not purchase the warranty because I was being extremely careful, and was using a much smaller build than this board could handle. Lo and behold, after a short test I tried to plug in the nearly dead batteries and POP! the DRV is fried. The company won’t stand behind their own product, and offers no helpful services or advice to help with their faulty chipset. I highly recommend any and all beginners to not order from this company, because they will not help you at all. I recommend finding a company that not only has a board that won’t break after 1 use, but will also work with you to fix faulty chips. If there is anybody that can do a DRV replacement, I’ll pay well if it can be done quickly.

I’d watch over everything on the build again, if you popped a DRV just by plugging it in it sounds like you have a short somewhere or motor wires shorting eachother out.

Try get in contact with dexter - @torqueboards


I have a diyes vesc, as many other people on this forum have and i’ve never had an issue. Most of the fried DRVs i’ve seen around the forum are user error or FOC related.


Why is it that Everytime a n00b buys a vesc & fraks it up they gotta here and scream DONT BUY FROM WHOEVER. How smart have you gotta be to k ow that this ain’t Walmart?

I’ve bought 7 VESC’s from @torqueboards and had issues with only one, burned it up using FOC and he still replaced it.

Maybe US Public Schools need to start teaching that yelling about how crappy something is is nit the way to get help from the maker of said supposed crappy thing.


i ran a diy vesc for months, put hundreds of miles on it on 10s mono drive, put a shit load of stress on it and no issues. so, your results may vary.


I’ve used 3 of these vescs with good luck so far. I had one arrive with a dead ppm connector and Dexter replaced it (it did take some pretty extensive follow up on my part unfortunately.) Overall my experience with DIY has been positive, having spent $$$$

personally, I never used, torqueboard VESC. however, I heard occasional shortage problem on batt wire, CANBUS connector, or capacitor. There are many well written thread and you should’ve read before, writing complaints like this. Take thorough picture of vesc and put here and contact @torqueboards or @JohnnyMeduse to get it fix.

And Please, do not buy Maytech vesc after this. not worth it!

I’ve had 5 vescs from them, had 2 that were faulty on arrival, and Dexter replaced them. No questions asked. In fact, he shipped the new ones out before he even received the bad ones. Just to help reduce the downtime for me. There have been some issues with other items from them, but they have always come through for me. Their service has always been top notch.

ya dexter just hit me up, hes a good guy always willing to help

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It does sound like you have a short somewhere… Most of us have blown a vesc or two. Expensive mistake but it happens.

Double check any solder joints/connections and have another go and try not to let the magic smoke out.

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