Do u guys find that have a webpage issue ? It directs me to other website which is something like ad page cant get access to the website Dont feel safe to buy things from them Or is it just me ?

Somthing like this

Works fine. Are you sure it isn’t an issue on your side?

You should scan your computer. This usually means you have a virus.

Looks like you have some kind of malware

Your computer is infected with malware
There’s a free software to fix that.

I’ve seen something like that once or twice. Definitely follow what everyone else has said, but if it comes up with nothing try using a different DNS service. I think there’s a DNS server out there that has a bad entry for diy

I’ve had the same issue, of you block the chat window it works fine. The issue presents in Chrome only (not IE or Firefox) so I think it might be a plugin or Chrome itself showing an incompatibility with the chat window at DIY.

Had that similar issue, whatever your solution ends up being you should know that DIY is a trusted store. Issue is how you are getting to it. That said @torqueboards should take a look at this as not an isolated incident (though I have never seen the page in screengrab above, looks worse lol)

Yeah, I should have clearer. This is not an issue of trust or even a question of legitimacy…just an issue with chrome and a website plugin. Dexter is very cool, helpful even.

There was actually a huge ddos attack on half of the Internets DNS, so you may have visited the website during the hack. It’s mostly fixed now, but your computer still could be infected with malware

I think the OP had malware :confused: but yeah there is some stinky DNS entry somewhere…

Guys… stop looking up porn lol

Trying to access from an iPhone (safari), same issue

Try using as your primary dns and as your secondary if you have a computer/phone that needs a secondary

It was because of that hack all sorts of stuff screwy … had to do Microsoft password all over again for the Netflix to work on the Xbox

Worked on my laptop, thanks man