DIYelectricskateboard motor failed

I bought a Torque Boards motor from diyelectricskateboard Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV

I’ve been testing and tweaking my board setup getting everything dialed in. I’ve been riding around our courtyard and parking lot at work getting used to things. I don’t think I’ve even gone 10 miles on my board yet.

I decided I’d ride it to go get lunch on Thursday last week and when I tried to cross the street I lost all power. I initially thought I lost a belt, but turned it over and everything seemed to work fine. So I hopped back on and started to cross a bridge, then lost power, and lost brakes.

I brought it back to the office and while I was on chat with DIYelectricskateboard I saw that the the motor shaft had spun out the motor case and was causing some major slipping.

I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve had a really difficult time having anyone from support at DIYelectricskateboard to help me out. Any ideas as to what can cause this? Has anyone else had issues getting support from them?

There is a screw (or a couple) that secure the motor shaft at the bottom side. Look in the aluminum cutout/vents and you should spot it. If it just backed out - red loctite and re-secure might fix.

If it’s missing - you’ll need to measure to figure out size of grub screw to replace. I can try to measure mine at home if i remember tonight…

I’ve always had quick response from @torqueboards via chat on his site… I’d keep trying.


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I’ve been dealing with Ralph on chat. He just keeps telling me to wait for support to email me back and that there was nothing he could do to help me. There was someone else I worked with @torqueboards when I was buying everything and they were super helpful. I think his name was Derrek.

Hey Caleb,

I’ll send you an RMA number.

Thanks for tagging guys.


That is exactly what happened to the broken Raptor 1 I bought, the grubs screws were missing and the last guy used it for god knows how long before the can basically came off the shaft damaging the other motor as well, the magnets cracked and was all over the place.

When I bought two new motors I did what @Michaelinvegas posted (below) and got the M4-.70x12 BOLTS to really torque it down


This happened to me, Derek sent me two new motors with a completely circular shaft, and set screws, but in otherwise the same formfactor. Both are still working great!

I bought another motor right when this happened and the new one is exactly as you described. Good to know, thanks!

Yeah Ralph is pretty hit or miss with being helpful but Dexter has always been great when I’ve needed him. Glad this got worked out.

Oops, that was his name Dexter! Thanks!

I’m rocking two new 6355’s from DIY as well. Good info to know. Haven’t had any motor issues yet.

His name is Dexter and he has the best warranty on the market, he will take care of your issue, can’t go wrong him him and DIY Electric Skateboards